Charmed Impressions

A November to Remember!

Our Best Month Yet!!

Phew... what a huge month for our team!!

Once again we had some huge sales this month as a team and actually beat last month's sales! We had just under $35,000 in sales with 37 trunk shows! Every one of you, whether you sold one pair of earrings or had a "purple dot" trunk show, should be proud of what you accomplished last month. We also have some big things to celebrate as we are part of two teams that had had HUGE promotions in November! As the Charmed Impressions we are a part of Carrie McGraw's First Impressions team... which is now a Star Director team! Our team, by helping me achieve my Star pay rank, played a big part in helping Carrie achieve this promotion. That in turn, has made us a part of history for Stella & Dot by helping Lindsay Walsh - my first line's "Great-Grandmother" in this business - and the Crown Jewels team (including us) become the second Diamond Director team ever! This is the highest level within this company, and the fact that she is only the second one to achieve this is a good reminder of just how young our company is!!

The realization, at least for me, that what we do impacts not only ourselves but helps others meet big goals is very empowering and makes me proud to be a part of something bigger. I remember two years ago, feeling just a little jealous, when Tysh Mefferd's team was celebrating her Diamond Director Promotion at Hoopla. And now here we are, members of the Crown Jewels Diamond Director team and we all can say that we played a role in getting us there!

Not the worlds best cup of coffee, but...

Top in Sales for November!

Worlds Best Cup of Coffee
Congratulations to our top 10 in sales! I am sharing the full list to be efficient and be sure that everyone on the list gets a moment of recognition. But a special shout out to Laura Demerle, Stephanie Fahmy, Karen Calandrelli & Amy Heidke for earning their extra 5% commissions for selling $2300 or more! During this holiday season, that extra $115 + can make a big difference!
I also want to give a big Kudos to Jen Drummond, our new teammate from Edinburgh, Scotland who launched her business in November with a "purple dot" trunk show (i.e. over $1,000 USD)! Way to go Jen! Inga & Carly are fantastic mentors for you over there!
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Welcome Marissa Salatti!!

I welcomed her on our Facebook page, but here is an official welcome to our newest team member, Marissa! She's really a team member and a half because she is expecting her first baby, a little girl, this spring! Marissa is a Kindergarten teacher in Sandy Hook, CT and a newlywed! I can't wait to see your business grow Marissa. Congratulations and welcome to our Charmed Impressions "family"!
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On to December!!

Sorry... I'm a bit Elf obsessed. :)

What do you want to achieve?
Share to win....
Think about it. Share what your goals are! I will be asking you all to share them with me via our Facebook page or by email. Once you tell us all what you are shooting for, we can support one another as a team! Are you going for a big sales goal? Earning a level of Glam Getaway? Growing your team? Promoting? Shout it loud for all to hear! And as an incentive to share and put yourself out there, I will be randomly picking two names who will receive a little treat in the mail. Could be jewels, Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, or $$ towards a pedi... who knows. Share and you just might find out!! :)

What are my goals this month?
I have some more realistic goals and as Danielle Redner would say, some Big Scary Audacious Goals! So here it goes...
1.) Sell $6500 this month and get into the Spring Style Council.
2.) Seal the trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! I'm almost there...
3.) Promote to Associate Director and go to Directors Conference in January!
4.) Sponsor 2 new stylists.

How will we hit our goals?
These next two and a half weeks can be the most profitable ones of the year! Regular shipping will continue until December 18th so BOOK as many shows as you can during that time to help people cross off those gift lists with ease!

  • Focus on the IN-HOME trunk shows. Those are where people are having fun, socializing, multitasking and spending! Remember they don't just have to be evening cocktails. This time of the year, the morning coffee works so well for those who say their evenings are just too busy! Don't forget mimosas & muffin weekend shows with brunches or afternoon teas as another option. These are perfect time frames for those of us who also work full or part time elsewhere!
  • Offer in-office lunch hour trunk shows for those who work. Think about it! How convenient for the company to have you come in and help their employees find the perfect gifts over their lunch hour?
  • Pop - Up shops! Have a friend who works at a salon, owns a bakery, manages a spa? Ask about setting up for just two hours to help their clients multitask! What's in it for them? You will be sharing their business on your Facebook page and helping draw some of your clients to their shop!
  • Have you seen those personal shopper videos? Make one and share it on Facebook or in an email to your clients.
  • Most of all, and probably the most important, pick up the phone and reach out to offer a trunk show AND share the opportunity to be a stylist! If the opportunity isn't right for them, then offer the trunk show... people have a hard time saying no twice!

Go out there and have a great December!!!

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