Briana Smith

Main Issues With Overfishing

  • we are losing an entire ecosystem. as a result, our oceans are under a lot of stress and at risk of collapse
  • we are risking valuable food source for economical or dietary reasons

Negative Effects

As we are fishing down the food web, the increasing efforts needed to catch something of marine mammals, sharks, sea birds, non-commercially fish species int he food web of marine biodiversity are killed as by discarded and threatened by industrial fisheries.

Affected Wildlife

The result of overfishing does not only affect ocean life, but coastal commercial economic and social well-being who also depend on fish for nutrients and other thing fish have that they need. Many commercial fish populations have declined to the point where their species survival is threatened. We are affecting ourselves as much as we are affecting the Marine Ecosystem.

How Is The Wildlife Affected

Anything that the decreasing fishes eat, their population is increasing to much to the point where there are to many organisms in that population. Anything that eats the decreasing fish there population would decrease too and anything above it. Soon, it will be the us who population would decrease too.

League City

League City is not affected by overfishing. But, it can be. Luckily we have good people who care about the fishes in the ecosystem. Who care about life period. Sooner or later people will start fishing for fun and not worry about the marine life. People will start going overboard and will fish too much causing overfishing to occur.

People Affected By Overfishing

Yes, people are affected by overfishing. nutrients that we need are being taken away. populations of food that we eat will decrease. Leaving us with less food to survive off of. And it starts by US. It is already bad enough we ruin plants by pollution and any other chemicals plants don't need. But that causes decrease in the plant organisms. then the fish that eat the plants like algae will decrease because, we are overfishing.


We cause overfishing. It is our faults that there are less fish in the marine ecosystem. We caused fish population to decrease not only with overfishing but, simple things like actually throwing away your trash.......inside an actual trashcan. It is us who causing who cause these problems.

Ways To Help

We can join organization and push the government into punishing fisheries that engage in unsustainable fishing. Try your best to not eat fish and supplement your protein with other plant sources

Many people do not know about overfishing. So it is our duty to teach them and help them learn, so in the future they can prevent it and teach generation after generation.

My New Idea

I would say that there should be a rule to limit how much fish we at our buy at the store. And also how much fish we fish for when we go fishing. But we should still be able to fish so there wouldn't be rights taken away. I also think that it should start now because we wouldn't want overfishing to get out of hand.
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Overfishing - The consequences