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Tuessday, January 12, 2016
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New Items

Faculty Meeting: January 13th Continue our work with our School Improvement Plan (SIP) data analysis. We will use the first portion of the meeting for each of the four goal areas to meet and discuss the data. Then we will meet in the Learning Commons to provide summaries for each of the goal areas.

We will first meet in the Learning Commons before working on analyzing the SIP data for 2nd quarter.

Curriculum Nights for Parents

Wednesday (Jan 13) we will hold our 5th Grade Band Instrument Night and the Curriculum Night for current 5th grade parents. We will hold two sessions (6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.). If students are enrolling in band, students will attend one session for band then one session for Curriculum. If students are not taking band next year, then parents only need to attend one of the curriculum sessions.

Parents of current 6th and 7th grade students can attend the 7:00 p.m. Curriculum Night on Thursday (Jan 14).

BIG Notes

Here are the notes from Monday's B.I.G. meeting.

Support Staff and Teacher of the Year 2016... You received an email today noting that we will meet in the Learning Commons next Tuesday (November 19th) to announce and celebrate with our 2016 Support Staff and 2016 Teacher of the Year! We will begin at 3:30 p.m. in the Learning Commons.

Important Information

After School Chat with Dr. Sloan

Dr. Sloan and members of the Executive Cabinet will be here on Monday, January 25, 2016 for our After School Chat. We will meet in the Learning Commons at 3:30 p.m. Please join us if you are available. There will be a Q& A session following Dr. Sloan's District Update.

2nd Quarter Goal Setting Data

Report cards will be in your mailboxes by Tuesday, January 12th. Please use these for goal monitoring and goal setting with your students before sending them home. Goal summaries will be due Monday, January 25th; Mrs. James only needs your quarterly goal summary sheet, not the individual student forms.

District 5 Questions 15-16

Question 1. I take pride in working at my school

Qtr 1 SA/A: 98.15% D/SDA 1.75%

Qtr 2 SA/A: 100%

Question 2. Our staff holds high expectations for student learning

Qtr 1: SA/A: 100%100%

Qtr 2 SA/A: 100%100%

Question 3. There are open channels of communication at our school

Qtr 1: SA/A 88.46% D/SDA: 11.54%

Qtr 1: SA/A: 100%

Question 4. There are opportunities for shared decision making

Qtr 1 SA/A: 78.85% D/SDA: 21.15%

Qtr 2: SA/A 94.65% D/SDA: 5.35%

Q5. Our school has clear direction on how to improve student learning

Qtr 1 SA/A: 88.46% D/SDA: 11.54%

Qtr 2 SA/A: 89.75% D/SDA: 10.25%

For Your Information...

#FHMChat returns

The parent teacher chat is returning. Parents from the FACE committee are excited to re-introduce this Twitter chat. It will be held monthly (4th Monday of the month) from 8:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Each monthly chat will focus on school related topics. Please join FACE on Monday, January 25th to kick off the chat. Use the hashtag #FHMchat.

American Heart Association and Jeans Day!

Don't miss out! Purchase your American Heart Association t-shirt by Wednesday, January 13th. The cost is $10.00. We will send out the date to wear the shirt (with jeans). Also, by supporting the American Heart Association, you will receive an additional "jeans" day that week.

Character Education visitors on Friday, January 22, 2016

Amy Branson, Principal of Parkway South Middle School will bring a team of 15 staff members to visit and tour Howell Middle on January 22nd. If you do not want a CCC visitor or do not want a visitor during 1st hour, please let me know by Tuesday, January 12, 2016. After Tuesday, Dr. Huff will create the schedule of CCC and class visits for the upcoming site visit.


Thanks to the following FHMS Staff for presenting at this year's Tech Fest:

Holly Avis, Jeff Bargielski, Ted Huff, Merrill, Koenig, Deanna Moylan, Julie Ragusky, Michelle Richardson, and Angie Wittmus.

Staff Google E-Mail Accounts

Last fall, e-mail was added to staff and student district Google accounts. However, your Microsoft Outlook account is your primary account for district communication. Please continue to use your Microsoft Outlook account for communication with colleagues, students and parents.

With increased student use of Google accounts, especially for sharing files with teachers, some students have become confused about the format of teacher e-mail accounts. Students might accidentally send e-mails to teachers’ Google accounts.

Please remind students of your official FHSD e-mail address, and encourage them to contact you using their official FHSD e-mail address. Also direct your students to any classroom resources where they can locate your e-mail address (Syllabus, Schoology page, etc). If you need any help checking your Google e-mail, or having it forwarded it to your primary e-mail account, please contact Jeff Bargielski.

Google + is on it's way

The district will soon be adding Google+ to the options available to us on the Google "menu" so to speak. Google+ is another Google feature. It is a social media tool that individuals use to share information.


The Math Department is piloting the GoMath series during 3rd quarter.


CITW Professional Development Trainers

We have an opportunity to expand our CITW trainers from one to two beginning with the 2016-2017 school year. Anyone interested in joining this team please contact Dr. Huff. Applications are now available. They are due January 22nd. This additional building CITW trainer will be selected by February 5th. See Dr. Huff if you are interested in serving in this position.


2nd Quarter Priority Standards Data

2nd quarter Priority Standards assessment data is due by Friday, January 29th. If you can turn this data in earlier than the 29th that would be greatly appreciated.


January Birthdays

09 Greg Proctor

10 Patti Lee

11 Doug Casler

18 Cara Gibson

20 Lisa Stearns

21 Jenny Walch

25 Karen Gnade

25 Annette Sieve

31 Karen Adams

Upcoming Dates

January 13: Faculty Meeting 3:30 p.m. Quarter 2 SIP work

January 13: 5th Grade Parent Curriculum Night/ Band Instrument

January 14: 6th / 7th Grade Parent Curriculum Night

January 15: Spelling Bee (café)

January 15: Staff Social @ Hog's Haus

January 21: 6th Grade Band and Choir Concert 7:00 p.m

January 22: Character Education Visit – Parkway South Middl.e School

January 25: Coffee Talk with Ted 7:45 a.m.January 28th Tech Café

January 25: Site Visit #2 with Dr. Sloan (SIP Review).

January 25: After School Chat with Dr. Sloan and Exec Cabinet 3:30 pm Learning Commons