The Sigler Voice

Amplifying the Voices of #SiglerNation Volume 2 Issue 7

The Sigler Voice

The Sigler Voice is a weekly newsletter to our Sigler Community amplifying the voices of our students and teachers. Want to know what is taking place within the halls and classrooms of Sigler Elementary? Look no further. Our students and teachers are going to share it here.



1st Grade

2nd Grade

Second graders discussed what has been the most interesting or favorite thing we've done/learned this year! Check out our flipgrid!

Learning about Text Features

4th Grade

We have been working hard this week concentrating on Reading and Math MAP testing, but we still managed to have some fun down in 4th!

5th Grade

As we get ready to go to 5th grade camp on Monday, we took a moment to explore nature around Sigler. We documented observations on our Sigler sensory maps about sights and sounds we experienced. We are looking forward to comparing this data with our sensory maps we create out at camp! Check back with us to hear more about our camping adventures!

Flipgrid for Fluency!

Students are using social studies texts to help them become more fluent and confident readers!