Educational Technology

Benefits on how improving technology has helped people.

Target Audience/Purpose

People that I would like to read this is other students like me. The purpose of this is to inform people about improved technology and how it has helped students learn easier in school. A lot schools now have technology to teach students that is how technology is growing throughout the country.

How has Educational Technology changed people and society ?

In the past school was taught with chalkboard but now it’s totally different. With computers and internet it has help change the way students learn because they will just search online and learn new information faster. Also, what's new is that anyone can join a class online and try to earn an entire degree online. Online teaching can also help teachers teach easier. Statistics show that technology has grown over the years.

Positives of educational technology

The positive things are that there is easier and faster ways to learn from computers. There is tools that make it easy to use. Also there is an unlimited amount of resources. Technology helps teachers teach easier by sending emails and assignments. Lastly, technology can help save time for students to do their work.

Negatives of educational technology

The negative things about technology in the classroom is that it can be a distraction for students who are playing games and going on other social sites. This can cause them to not finish assignments. Also when there are technical difficulties that occur it can be terrible for students because schools may not have backups to fix it.

The improving of technology, how has it helped students in school ?

Students using the internet has helped them have different opportunities to gain information. Also it has helped them learn easier with computer tools that make it easy. Improved technology has been a huge impact especially for students, it has made learning go by faster.

Opinion About Technology

What I think about technology is that it is very helpful for students in school. The use of technology can be easier and better for students. There are a lot of different ways that helps students with technology. I prefer technology in school.