Hidden Oaks

Professional Development 2014

Steps to Getting Your Professional Development Points!

Requirements: In order to receive your points for this year's professional development you must have:

1. Attended the sessions. You can only receive points for the sessions for which you were in attendance.

2. Submitted an implementation activity for the sessions you were in attendance.

How many points can I get? When is this due?

Due Date for Documentation: May 2, 2014

The maximum amount of school-based professional development points that can be received this year is 30. Each session has a total of 5 points available that can be earned. For each of the above 6 sessions, if you were both in attendance and have submitted documentation of impact you can receive the 5 points. (6 sessions x 5 points=the total 30)


Contact your PD representative or Monique Coyle @monique.coyle@palmbeachschools.org