Events Durring 1913 in the mid west

by: Lulu Williams

A Tornado

In the year 1913 there was a terrible tornado that spun through the Great Plains, Southern, and Midwestern parts of the united states. The tornado lasted from march twenty-first to march twenty-third. Scientist estimate that the tornado was a F4 tornado people say it was one of the most violent tornadoes they have ever seen. There were several outbreaks of the tornado the first on march twenty first in Mississippi another in Peach Tree Alabama that killed 27 people in the town.

The Great Migration

In the early 1900s around 1916 African Americans started migrating to the U.S. African Americans migrated to the north, midwest and western parts of America. There was an estimate of 6 million African Americans that migrated from the rule south.

The First Airplane

in 1903 the very first airplane was flown. Though the airplane only flew off the ground for twelve seconds and at ten feet it was still a major accomplishment. Airplanes have progressed very much over the years, it was a great invention.

Life in the 1900s

Life in the 1900s was very depressing. People would have to do very hard work. If you were a normal worker you would probably be stuck with the same job your whole life. The rich would maintain there wealth mainly because of their low taxes.