BY: Jahir Morales

5 Things About HydroPower

1.Hydropower comes from moving water

2.Hydro-electric power equipment that you need is a hydraulic turbine and a dam

3.Building a dam causes nearby floods which floods villages and natural habitat which take up land

4.the positive things about using a Hydropower is when the electricity is generated no greenhouse gases are made, the water used is free, It is a renewable energy source

5.The negative things about Hydropower is that the dam is expensive to build, by building a dam the nearby village has to be flooded and this could affect wildlife and plants, if it does not rain much we may not have enough water to turn the turbine

Why France should use HydroPower🎽

France this why i think you should use hydropower to help your country the first reason you should use hydropower is because you have a river right next to your country you could use hydropower instead of using fossil fuels and causing global warming it’s bad for your country it changes the natural weather temperature. one good thing about hydropower is when the electricity is made no greenhouse gases are made the second thing is that the water is free