Rocky Mountains

By Joona, Eric, Aubyn, and Albon


The Rocky Mountains strech through 8 states: New Mexico, Colorodo, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Alaska.
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Animals That Live in the Rocky Mountains

Bears, deer, hares,elk, Mountain lion, porcupines, squirls, chipmunks, coyotes, moose, rainbow trout, graylings, cutthroat trout and other animals.
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Why people would want to live there

Lots of interesting animals to see and snow where you can ski. There is also lots of minirals like gold lead, copper, iron, etc.

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Fun Facts

1. 1,356 mountains are in the Rocky Mountains.

2. The Rocky Mountains are 3,000 miles long. (4,800 kilometers)

3. The Rocky Mountains are 350 miles wide in some places. (563 kilometers)

4. Some mountains in the Rocky Mountains are: Wheeler Peak, Mount Elbert, Borah Peak, Wolf Creek, and Granite Peak.

5. Colorado has about 55 peaks over 14,000 feet (4,267 meters) high.


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