Carlton Avenue Times

May 22, 2023

Important Dates

5/22 Games Club 3rd-5th grade @ lunch recess

5/23 Gardening Club@ lunch recess

5/24 Carlton Spirit Day & Running Club

5/24 Open house / Art Vista Art Show / STEAM Night

5/25 Project Cornerstone Club @ lunch recess

5/26 Running Club (last day) @ lunch recess

5/29 Memorial Day - No School

5/30 Gardening Club

5/30 Recognition of Redesignated Students

5/31 Carlton Spirit Day - Wear a Carlton t-shirt or a red shirt

5/31 K-9 Unit Assembly

5/31 Carlton Volunteer Tea

6/5 Field Day

6/6. Assembly

6/6 Spirit Day - Unique Day - Wear Mixed-up Patterns and Backwards Clothing Day

6/7 Dancefest

6/8 5th Grade Promotion

6/9 Last Day of School - Dismissal at 12:15

Message from the Principal

Dear Carlton Families,

We look forward to seeing you and your family at Open House on Wednesday, May 24th, from 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm. This will be an excellent opportunity to see your children’s work and celebrate their progress, perseverance, and effort. Every child has unique strengths, interests, and challenges. We are incredibly proud of all the students and their growth this year. Artwork inspired by the Art Vistas program will also be displayed inside and outside the classrooms. From 6:45 to 7:30 pm, families can enjoy a large variety of inquiry-based activities at the USD STEAM Night in the Carlton makerspace and cafeteria.

When you search for a parking space in the neighborhood near Carlton, please be mindful of our neighbors' property. Please be sure not to make a U-turn in someone's driveway and not drive onto their grass. Residents have complained that they have had to replace multiple sprinkler heads due to cars running over their grass. Also, please do not block anyone's driveway when parking your vehicle. Let's be kind to everyone in the Carlton community, including those who live near our school. Thank you for your cooperation!

Let's have a great week!

Mary Katayama


All Families are Invited to Attend Open House at Carlton on May 24th at 6:00 pm

STEAM Night is for the Whole Family

On May 24th, from 6:45 to 7:30 pm, families are invited to enjoy the USD STEAM Night at Carlton. Many hands-on activities will inspire children and adults to explore, tinker, problem-solve, and apply their creative thinking. Participants will be challenged to complete four missions, including Astronaut ID badges, Straw rocket launches, an Astronaut space walk, and Celestial Explorations. Our STEAM theme this year is Mission MakerSPACE.

We look forward to seeing everyone on May 24th, after Open House! Come to the Makerspace and cafeteria!

Art Vistas Art Show

We're excited to have our annual Art Vistas Art Show during Open House and the STEAM Night this Wednesday, May 24. Please take this fantastic opportunity to see what your child has created and learned during their Art Vistas lessons. The Art Vistas program was formed and founded by parents in 1984, and continues to be run and supported by parent volunteers. Art Vistas curriculum includes lessons and activities on art history, terminology, and techniques. Your child's artwork will be displayed along the walls in front of the classroom and in the classroom.

During this upcoming week, you'll see volunteers setting up students' artwork along the wall. Please be mindful of the artistic creations, as we would like to keep everything intact for Wednesday night and a lifetime beyond. It may be tempting to bring the artwork home early or during the Open House, but please leave the artwork where it is during the show and do not take it home. Artwork will officially be released in an individualized student portfolio folder or bag at a later time.

Open House ends at 6:45 pm. However, parents are welcome to continue to view artwork along the outside of the classroom walls throughout the evening. Thank you to all the volunteers for their help and support in making Art Vistas flourish in the classroom. Let's embark on a journey of Art!

Carlton's 2023 Teacher of the Year

Tashina Hernandez has been a Kindergarten teacher at Carlton Avenue School for 15 years. She shows passion in connecting with her Carlton and USD community with her involvement in Home and School Club, being a grade level leader, leading ELA professional development days for her grade level, participating as a member of the district’s Common Core ELA leadership team, and participating in many after school events throughout her 15 years!

Tashina is a devoted educator who guides her students in their authentic learning journey with community service projects during every day of the month of December. She has created social emotional lessons that deepen the sense of community and strengthen positive communication skills within her classroom environment. The magic of learning in Kindergarten can be seen through the laughter, chants, cheers, and messy learning that spills out of her classroom.

As an educator who is hard of hearing, Miss Hernandez has taught her students important life skills and to be compassionate, which has led to the daily incorporation of ASL (American Sign Language). Her students use ASL to sign for some of their basic needs and most importantly learn from her modeling that there is beauty in inclusion and differences.

Congratulations to Tashina Hernandez, our 2023 Teacher of the Year.

Sally Borello is Retiring After 24 Years of Service

Sally Borello has been a teacher for 29 years. For 24 years, She taught Kindergarten or a K-1 combo class at Carlton. She has volunteered on various curriculum committees and organized community service efforts such as the Martin Luther King Peace Project and the Toys for Tot drive. She also enhanced the Kindergarten science program by inviting wildlife experts to bring animals to our school. In addition, Sally coordinated with high school students and local artists to paint murals on the walls facing the Kindergarten playground. But her most significant accomplishment, which is dear to her heart, was building a beautiful kindergarten outdoor classroom. Inside the classroom, she worked tirelessly to create a caring environment and connect with each child, making a huge difference in their lives.

When I asked teachers what they appreciate most about Sally, this is what two of them said:

Sally is the epitome of a team player. She is kind, caring, and compassionate. There is no limit for Sally when it comes to the Carlton community. She and her entire family have given their time, resources, and love to our school.

Mrs. Borello had a gift for involving her students' families in the magic of Kindergarten. There would not be a Kindergarten gardening area if it weren't for Sally. She and parent volunteers built the planter boxes and planted trees and flowers. She worked weekends, holidays, and summers to keep up the garden. Her deep passion for children to learn through nature and authentic experiences remained strong throughout her years of service as an educator.

We are grateful to Sally Borello for her many years of service and contributions! Her dedication and love for teaching have made a lasting impact on our school. We know she will enjoy her retirement, spending lots of time with her growing family.

Big picture

Sharing is Caring: A Hygiene Product Drive to Benefit our San Jose Neighbors in Need

This is the last week of the Sharing is Caring - a hygiene product drive to help our neighbors in need. Carlton’s student council will collect new toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorant, and soap to donate to Sacred Heart Community Service for our needy neighbors. Please stick to the items listed above, as those are the items of greatest need.

All collected items will be donated to Sacred Heart Community Service. Sacred Heart’s mission is to build a community free from poverty by creating hope, opportunity, and action. They provide essential services, work together to improve lives, organize for justice, and inspire the community to love, serve, and share.

Carlton Home & School Club

ABC Project Cornerstone Story of the Month of May

This month, ABC Project Cornerstone volunteers will be focusing on the book called The OK Book. It is a book about the power of Yet and the I CAN attitude. ABC volunteers will encourage students to try to do new things and teach them that it is ok not to be great at it. Students should enjoy the process of learning and know that failure is an opportunity to learn and be successful. Here are the slides that have a link to the story read-aloud. Parents are welcome to listen to the story with their children and discuss the topics identified in the slides.

Community Opportunities and Events

Before and After School Programs at Carlton

There are several classes offered before and after school at Carlton. These are fee-based programs, and the district does not sponsor them. For more information, please go to the Carlton website. On our website, you can also learn about other after-school classes offered in our community this summer.
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Carlton 2022-23 Bell Schedule

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On-site before and after-school care information for Carlton families.

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At Carlton Elementary School, students in grades TK - 5 are excited to learn. Through hands-on, collaborative STEAM and social studies projects, school wide programs, and differentiated instruction in language arts and math, students develop an innovator's mindset, social-emotional awareness, and a love for learning. Every student. Every day.