bruiser: report presentation

by sydney ruthesell


The main character in bruiser is Brewster. Brewster, also known as "bruiser", has a reputation of being the big quiet bully. Some people refer to him as sasquatch and a dog. In eighth grade he got voted most likely to get death penalty. Even though most people refer to him as all of those mean things when you truly get to know his story he struggles at home and is just like anyone else.

character conflict

The conflict between the characters is that Tennyson accuses Brewster of being a bully. The conflict resolves when Tennyson gets to know Brewster better and actually gets to know his story. The main conflict is that Brewster can take away injuries from others. Tennyson starts to get suspicious when he realizes the scabs on his fingers healed out of no where. All this time it was Brewster taking his pain and injuries for him.


The main setting in Bruiser is at bruisers house. Tennyson's house, and at the school.

Summary of the story

The summary of bruiser is when Tennyson's sister starts dating bruiser he gets over protective because he thinks bruiser is the big ape bully. Tennyson even confronts bruiser saying he has a problem with him when he doesn't even know him personally. Later Tennyson see's bruisers scars and bruises on his back and begins to take a second look at him. Tennyson later hangs out and gets to know bruiser better and gets to know his stories. Later on Tennyson begins to notice that he has been healing really quickly and he is determined to figure out why. It soon takes home a little while to realize that it was bruiser taking away his injuries.


Expedition- Tennyson figures out that Bronte is dating bruiser.

Rising action- Tennyson confronts bruiser about dating his sister

Climax- Tennyson saw bruisers story and later accepted him

Falling action- Tennyson's injuries begin to heal rapidly

Resolution- He discovers that bruiser takes all of his injuries