Amman 21-28 Aug 2012


Institute for Leadership Excellence (ILE) – JORDAN (Applicant)


1. NC Future Now 2006 – BULGARIA

2. Sustainable Development Association (SDA) – EGYPT

3. Mandacaru – Cooperative of social and cultural intervention – PORTUGAL

4. Centrum Inicjatyw Mlodziezowych HORYZONTY – POLAND

5. Association of Human Rights Educators (AHEAD) – CATALONIA (SPAIN)

CYM Can Ya Makan: Human rights education using story telling


Specific objectives: - To develop methods for using different types of arts as pedagogical tools for Human Rights Education - To develop practical guidelines and descriptions of stories and way of their implementation - To create highly motivated and trained team of educators/youth workers.

Objectives: - To evaluate results of using the tools created in Phase I - To expand usage of different types of art as pedagogical tools (theatre, puppetry & illustration) - To create ready-to-use methods for Human Rights Education for children

Institute for Leadership Excellence (ILE)