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Beatles Tribute Bands and the Magic They Create

Who does not know the Beatles? There was a time during the 1960s that music was in the stage of experimentation and evolution, and needed a thrust in some direction which would ultimately lead to a new era and make history. It was the Beatles who led music the way they did and made a history. It wasn’t an easy road, though. Many studios had already rejected their music, making excuses of it being “Too flamboyant”. It may come as hard to believe, but that was the case. After much hard work, they were finally recognized as rising stars, and given a chance. What happened next was unimaginably out of proportion, for no one reckoned that four kids from nowhere would end up drowning the entire population of Europe in a sweeping tide of their music. In just a flash, they’d become popular like no other. Their albums Rubber Soul, The Beatles, Revolver and Abbey Road went down in history as “widely influential”. They ruled over the hearts of people for almost a decade, after which owing to an unfortunate disagreement between the two leading members they had to be disbanded.

Even today, almost half a century after their retirement, their music still resides in the hearts of people. Their tunes are still hummed, their names still remembered. There is no doubt about the fact that their live shows are missed just as much as themselves. The excitement, warmth and love that the Beatles left behind is still searched for earnestly by their fans. Even after 45 years of their disbanding, they acquire young fans in each new generation that arrives. Such is their fan following. It would not be surprising to learn that the Beatles’ quintessence has been kept alive by Beatles tribute bands. For those who are unaware about tribute bands – they are a group of people who reproduce the music of a disbanded music group while trying to preserve every aspect of the band. On a shorter note, they are just like the originals, but not so much. A Beatles cover band uses the same instruments as the originals did, and with the same dedication to each song, brings to the stage a replica of the original which was sung ages ago. These attempts aim at reviving the golden era of musical history that rocked the planet stronger than an earthquake.

A Beatles cover band is usually comprised of people who have been, and are, die-hard fans of the Beatles. In their venture to keep the magic alive, these cover bands go to any lengths to reproduce the music exactly the way it sounded half a century ago. The knowledge of the existence of a Beatles tribute band gives great relief to the people who were highly influenced by their music. The tribute bands have taken up a great responsibility of reviving the Beatle-mania, and it is not going to be easy. The fact that such legends toured the world and left it dumbfounded with just a glimpse of them, will make it very difficult for the Beatles tribute band to do justice to their influential existence.

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