The land in Egypt is getting quite dry if no one has noticed. By the river it is very green by in crops and grass. What do you think was the most protected place in Egypt. Did you get the Question right then great and if you didn't great try. The land by the Nile River is the most protected land because it has the desert and the Seas protect that land because no one who wants to attack does not want to go through the burning hot desert. No one wants to go through the sea because they may have to go through rapids which destroys ships so they would have less people at the end. In the land we have many kinds of Pyramids and temples. They are very important to their life by religion and by Geography. The Nile River is a success to Egypt because it can water crops, be used for transportation, and can be used for trading because they would not be able to get any where to trade if they did not have the river to float them along it. They also used irrigation wisely because they had used the shadoof.

How's are religion going so far

In Egypt our religion is so far great as always. we just built a new temple to keep our worship and when we stop by we give gifts to the gods like gold, oil, and Etc. we have built these pyramids to put our Pharaohs mummified bodies in so they can have a tomb full of every thing they need to survive so they can live when they go to the other side of our world. we also built the valley of the kings that is another place where we put our tombs for the Pharaohs. Some God and Goddesses watched over Certain things like Bastet the goddess of love and joy, Thoth the god of writing and wisdom, Osiris was the god of agriculture and the ruler of the dead, and Nephthys goddess of women and friend of the dead. Religion was important to use because it effected our lives by going to temples, how we think of things that happens etc. Religion was important to life because it effected it by of how we think and do things. like if their is flooding we will thank the gods for the water.