Bishop - AP Psychology

Monthly Agenda

What is AP Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The AP Psychology course will provide you with a learning experience equivalent to that obtained in most college introductory psychology courses. AP Psychology is quite different from Standard or Honors Psychology--- the course moves faster, covers more content, and requires greater mastery of the material. As with all Advanced Placement courses, AP Psychology presumes a high level of motivation, commitment, and highly refined study skills including but not limited to quality note-taking, exhaustive test preparation, and a very strong desire to learn.

Benefits of taking AP Psychology

A passing score on the AP Psychology Exam will give you college course credit. When you enter college, if you want to take more Psychology courses, you may take advanced classes like Child Psychology or Abnormal, because you have credit for the Introduction to Psychology class. In addition, you have completed 3 of the 120 or so hours you need to take to graduate from college.

Monthly Agenda

Required Supplies

1. Supplies: loose-leaf paper, a writing implement, a 3-ring binder, spiral notebook

2. Daily access to internet

3. Web resources: All resources will be linked through my web page… course calendar,

readings, AP college board website, Edmodo, Shmoop, and other online resources

4.Textbook: Myers' Psychology for AP