Death of Chuck "Da Man" Bell

Italian basketball player in 1990's Euroleague Championships


Professional basketball player Charlie (Chuck) "Da Man" Bell collapsed in a game of one-on-one basketball with his son, Josh. After a complication, Bell died at St. Luke's Hospital from a massive heart attack. Bell suffered from hypertension and had three fainting spells in the four months before his collapse. Bell had a large, extensively scarred heart. Reports have surfaced that Bell refused to see a doctor. One of his former teammates stated, "He wasn't a fan of doctors and hospitals, that's for sure." Earlier in his life, Bell chose to end his promising basketball career rather than have surgery on his knee. Known for his dazzling crossover, Chuck Bell was the captain of the Italian team that won back-to-back Euroleague championships in the late nineties. He is survived by his wife, Dr. Crystal Stanley-Bell, and his twin sons, Joshua and Jordan, who recently won their first county championship. Bell was thirty-nine.

Playing for Da Man Basketball Fundraiser

Bell's sons, Josh and Jordan, organize fundraiser in honor of their father

Josh and Jordan Bell will be playing in a fundraiser basketball game this Friday to honor their late father. His teammates will be attending, as well as community basketball players. The event will be held at CROSSOVER High School this Friday at noon. All community members are encouraged to attend and to bring their game faces!

Funeral Arrangements

The funeral will be held at CROSSOVER Chapel in Crossover, PA on Saturday. All community members and friends are encouraged to attend. Reception will follow at CROSSOVER Reception Hall in Crossover, PA.