I Still Want To Play Soccer

By Dian Alimi

Why I Love Travel Soccer?

I like travel soccer because I get to harder teams to try and beat. Also because I can stay fit while doing something that I love to do. Travel soccer teaches me that there are going to be challenges like fast, big, or better skills and you have to try your hardest to win the game. It can teach me to never give up for example if we are losing by seven and there is still a chance to win so never give up.

Why I Should Keep Playing Soccer?

I enjoy playing with my teammates and it helps me to make decision because when you have the ball you have to make a choice like make a pass, dribble up, or shoot. There are more choices.
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Let Me Keep Playing Soccer Please

I will not miss any practices or games only if necessary. I will not complain or argue I just want to play soccer. I will train more and become a very good player. So please let me play soccer.