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End of the Year May 2016

Reflecting on the Journey...

Dear Parents and Learners,

What an exciting year for all of us as here in C3! There have been many high points and many learning points along our road, but the journey that we have traveled to get to this place has been unforgettable. From the habitat project to our most recent force and motion project, we have watched our learners become thinkers, innovators, and creators.

As the year comes to a close, we must recognize those that made this year so memorable. Thank you to all of our parents for entrusting your little ones to us. Their successes have been wonderful to watch. They have inspired us to push the limits on learning and challenged us to pursue The Pike Road Way.

Thank you to our AMAZING learners! You have made this year remarkable! We are so proud of you and the effort that you have put into your learning. You have truly owned your learning, and we have witnessed tremendous growth as a result of your hard work. Continue to pursue your passions!

Again, thanks for a remarkable year!

C3 Lead Learners

We asked C3 learners to reflect on the year. Here's what they had to say:

I learned... to work with my friends. - McKenna

...a lot about fractions. - Isabella multiplication facts! - several learners to add and subtract. - Karina

My favorite project was...

...the recycling project because we learned how to protect the world. - Eugene

...the Native American museum because we got to build stuff. - several learners

...the Force and Motion project because building a magnet game is fun. - Alexander

and Micah

My most memorable experience was...

...Patriot Games! - several learners

...project block time. - Eleanor

...the McWane Center and the Biscuits game. - several learners

...the first day of school. - Joseph

Lead Learner Appreciation - THANK YOU!


Thank you so much for showering us with hugs, gifts, notes, and much more! Your generosity, kindness, and thoughtfulness during Lead Learner Appreciation Week was much appreciated! Again, thank you!

Community Three Lead Learners

Force and Motion! The Last Big Project!

Learners have been exploring Force and Motion for the past couple of weeks. We have been applying "pushes" and "pulls" in order to put various objects into motion with catapults, slingshots, magnets, and static electricity. Learners tested different objects and surfaces, measured results, and recorded data. A trip to the McWane Center helped us extend these concepts. Our guiding question, "How can we build a toy (or other item) that uses a force and motion concept?" will help us culminate this project during the final weeks of school. Thank you to those who have sent in various items to build our projects.

Experimenting with Magnetic Force and Static Electricity!

Exploring Force and Motion!

Acting Out Force and Motion!

McWane Field Trip!

Returning from the Trip...

Summer Reading

Wow! We have done lots of reading this year. From, online books on Epic!, to novels and pictures books for bookclubs and read aloud, and various informational books and articles connected to our projects... we have read a lot! As we head into summer we want to encourage you to help your child read continuously throughout the summer.

Instead of a list of books to read over the summer, we want to leave you with a challenge.

Try reading:

  • a poetry book
  • a book with a character the opposite gender as you
  • the first book in a series
  • a newspaper article
  • a book set in the past
  • a book set in the future
  • a fantasy book
  • a book that is also a movie
  • a book with a friend or family member (have discusssions!)
  • a book your mom or dad read as a child
  • an informational book about something that really interests you
  • a book out loud to a family member
  • a book that is a true story
  • an award winning book (Caldecott, Newberry)

Here are some websites to help you search for a good title:

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Thursday, May 26th - Last day of school

Lunch Menu for May

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