Connor Simpson Period 1


Interesting Facts

Most Italian breakfasts consist of coffee of hot chocolate and a roll or a croissant. Lunch or dinner is the main meal, and consists of Three courses. Pasta, fish or meat, and vegetables. Pizza is sometimes served, although it is a thinner Italian version. Most Italians play Soccer, but other popular sports are swimming, horse racing, bicycling, skiing, track-and-field, boxing, fencing, tennis, swimming,and horse racing. some popular vacation sites are Rome, the beaches, and soccer games. Italy is Famous for its art, architecture, and its music. Holidays include new years (January 1st), Epiphany (January 6th), liberation day (April 25th), Labor day(May 1st), Anniversary of the republic (June 2nd), All Saints' day (November1st) and Christmas (December 25th.)


80% of Italy is Christian. the other 20% is Atheist and Agnostic, with a bunch of other religions mixed in.

Italian Phrases

How much does this cost=Quanto costa questo?
Where's the bathroom=dov'è il bagno?
What's your name?=Qual è il tuo nome?


Italy Is a republic. A republic is a democracy divided into 3 branches. The US is another example of a republic. It is divided into 20 regions, and it is run by a president, a prime minister, and a 315 seat senate.


the Italian Currency is the Euro.
The exchange rate is 0.7194 euros per US dollar.


Photos Italian Bread 12/27/06 colluseum Italian Flag
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