FLIPPED By: Mailee Phanthouvong

Author: Wendelin Van Draanen genre-Romance pages- 212


Major characters

  • Protagonist
Bryce Loski- He's popular also his attitude is kinda snooty but he is dynamic and has a wake up call to be nicer.
Julianna Baker- She's not popular her attitude is pretty nice until you make her mad. She has a crush on Bryce.
  • Antagonist
Sherry Stalls- She's popular, has a crush on Bryce, her attitude she's bossy,mean, stuck up.

she wants Bryce all to herself.

Minor Characters

  • Mr. and Mrs. Loski- They are Bryce's parents they're dynamic because they end up liking the Bakers and inviting them over for dinner but before they talked bad about them saying that they were poor.
  • Garret- He is Bryce's friend but he's kinda stuck up and only hangs out with cool people.
  • Mark and Matt they are Juli's brothers they are kinda friends with Bryce's sister Lynetta and they like music.
  • Lynetta- Bryce's sister she picks on him a lot shes pretty nice.
  • Chet- Bryce's grandfather he is nice, barely talks to anyone until he meets Juli and they become friends, his personality is nice and he doesn't judge people by first look.


The setting usually takes place at either Bryce's house or Julianna's but sometimes at school. the time takes place in the 1940's with the old cars and the clothing that they have.

Main Conflicts

Person vs. Person: Because Julianna got mad at Bryce because he was throwing away her eggs that her chickens laid for a year now cause he thought he and his family were going to get salmonella because of her dirty yard.

Person vs. Society: Because Julianna had a favorite tree she would always climb to the top it was a sycamore tree and then she stood up there one day because people workers were going to cut it down and when they cut it she got so mad and cried for days.


Flipped is about a boy named Bryce and a girl named Julianna (Juli) and Juli likes him but Bryce doesn't like her and its told through both of their views on how stuff happens between the two and their lives like Juli starts to lose feelings for Bryce throughout the book but Bryce gains feelings for Juli throughout the book but he doesn't want to accept it or he's figuring out he likes her?!


The theme is basically like " Don't judge a book by it's cover" it developed because when Bryce meet Juli she thinks she weird and nasty because of her yard and her chickens and makes fun of her with his friends but once his grandpa makes friends with Juli Bryce gets to know Juli better and he starts to like her for who she really is and that shes not what she looks like or seems to be.


I recommend this book to my friends and others because it was a really good book seeing how it's told in both perspectives of Bryce and Juli and it's a book for you if you like a little bit of romance.
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