Hollywood Glam!

Jades super sweetsixteen!

Roll out on the red carpet!

The big day is coming up soon! No time for little games. Just a little taste of what we're working with. Rehearsals will start this week. If you cannot make it at least try and make iit one of the days and if not contact me at 6479907992.

Hollywood glam!

Friday, Dec. 27th 2013 at 6pm

Pine point banquet hall

The actual event will start at 7 as for our entrance. But you already know black people so I said 6 so they can come for appetizers and already be there before we arrive! You guys will be at my house from morning for rehearsals at the hall etc!

Agenda plan

6- appetizers

7-730-Enterance (intro)

730-830-speeches & games (guests waiting to be called for their food) ( us being served )

845- dinner time, music cool down. ( second outfit change )

9-920- second entrance , entourage dance (however long)

925-1030- Cake, deserts, social hour photo booth, candy table etc.