Third Grade Nuts & Bolts

Week of December 7


Last week, emphasis was placed on learning the writing process for an informative essay. We will focus on this process throughout December. To support hands-on learning of multiplication facts, students created fact triangles for the multiples of 3. They also have an envelope in which they are keeping multiplication matching cards. All of these manipulative are meant to travel back and forth between home and school.


Thirty minutes is the standard amount of time for a third grade student to spend on homework. Homework includes assignments listed in student planners, make-up work due to absence, corrections of previously completed work, nightly reading, ixl, Sumdog, and/or Flash to Pass. If your child is uncertain of their assignment or experiences frustration, I ask that you encourage your child to put their work away, and I will review it with them the next day.

Enrichment work is assigned on Mondays, and due on Fridays. Though this work is encouraged and targeted at developing specific skills, it is optional. Again, any work which may cause frustration should be stopped and reviewed with Ms. Carley.

Spelling Bee

Each student is aware of the upcoming Grades 3-8 Spelling Bee. I have heard that students are practicing their words at home and becoming excited for the big event. As mentioned last week, the Third Grade Class Spelling Bee will take place after our holiday break. The exact date will be determined after our return. The winner of this bee will go onto the Grades 3-8 Bee. The runner up will serve as the alternate. The Spelling Bee is optional participation.


This week, students will study Unit 8. The quiz will be on Friday, December 11.


In order to support students learning their multiplication tables, they are making their own fact cards for the 3, 4, and 5 tables. They also have multiplication matching cards which will travel between school and home. As you see from work going home, students are using arrays to multiply. In addition, students are now applying the commutative property. Multiplication words students use include: groups of; sets of; multiplied; product, and times.

A-Z Reading

This coming week, all third graders will read the non-fiction selection entitled Because of El Nino. El Nino is a climate pattern that affects weather in many places, including the United States. This reading supports our geography lessons about natural disasters.


Our focus for writing through the remainder of December is the informative essay. Students spend most of their time communicating information. The writing process includes the writing of a main idea statement; identifying supporting details; gathering information (reading a text for details); grouping information. Once students reach this point in the process, they begin to write. This week we will focus on understanding and analyzing the prompt. The directions for writing an essay is the prompt.


Students have a strong working knowledge of the regions, causes, effects, and adaptations for flood, tornado, and hurricane. This week we will study tsunami, drought, and blizzards.

Read - Aloud

Third graders have completed their reading of Pie by Sarah Weeks. This coming week we will read Caldecott Medal books.