The Porcupine and the Rabbit

By: Jake Lambert

Once upon a time there was a Porcupine and a Rabbit. They both hated each other and were enemies. But they both secretly cared for each other but never dared to tell the other. One time the Porcupine was in trouble he was cornered by a hungry bear. Who was going to eat him. Lucky for him the Rabbit was there watching. The Porcupine thought he was dead meat because they were enemies. The Rabbit sprinted in and grabbed the Porcupine and ran off. The Porcupine was very thankful and told him, “Thank you.” The rabbit said, “No problem.”

The next day the Rabbit was in trouble he was playing in the middle of the street and a car was coming. Lucky for him the Porcupine was there and saw what was happening. He went to the road and jumped in front of the car. He was run over by the wheel his spikes went into the wheel and it popped. The car went flying off the road, and unfortunately the Porcupine died. The Rabbit was great full and sad at the same time he was great full that the Porcupine saved him but very sad that he died. The Rabbit was very bored and lonely without him.


kindness will be repaid