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February Newsletter

CMS Students In Action

Positive Postcards

Since October, CMS teachers have sent home over 130 "Positive Postcards" to let parents know when their child does something positive that makes CMS a great place. We have seen these cards on Facebook, and we hope you like hearing about your kids. It is so great to see all that your children do to make CMS ROCK!

Safe School Ambassadors

In an effort to increase the positive climate of Clintonville Middle School, CMS has trained 40 students as Safe School Ambassadors!

The program trains Ambassadors to notice certain types of mistreatment between students and give them tools to intervene with non-intrusive techniques. CMS faculty identified these 40 students as those who could observe negative peer interactions and act as leaders in their own behaviors and actions.

The Ambassadors attended two full-day trainings where outside trainers came to teach, role play and guide as the Safe School Ambassadors and faculty volunteers worked hard to learn the new techniques. The program assigns groups of students to faculty who will guide these students in their Ambassador Activities.

These family groups will meet two times per month to discuss issues and interactions and talk about new strategies and interventions. Way to go Ambassadors for your commitment to a friendly and bully-free CMS!!

5th Graders Study Native American Culture

The fifth grade students have been busy learning about Native American culture in social studies. As an interpretation of concepts learned, the fifth graders created their own family totem poles, showing family history just like the Native Americans did! These totem poles show important cultural and family characteristics and history. The fifth grade students worked very hard and were proud to show off their work!

7th Grade Wise(r) Guys

After weeks of planning, the 7th Grade Wise(r) Guys took three very special elementary-aged boys (and three of their closest friends) on a day trip. They raised the money, they planned the trip, and provided personalized taxi-service for the day. The day began with tubing down the sledding hill, followed by lunch at Hardees, and ended with a trip to the movie theater to watch the new Night At The Museum flick. We were so proud of our Wise(r) Guys! They fit right in. Everyone got along. There was lots of "Star Wars" talk and we saw all the guys helping each other in and out of the tubes. A great day was had by all, but it was an especially proud day for the coaches.
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Cupcake Wars!

Sixth grade students participated in CUPCAKE WARS! showcasing their skills. The class voted on whether they want this to be a judged event or just a special talent showcase for their classmates view. It is a FACS 6 favorite!

FACS 6 Students Compete In Cupcake Wars and Grilled Cheese Challenge!

Mr.s Long's 6th Grade students competed in a Grilled Cheese Challenge where students created their own recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich. They had to use ingredients other than white bread - no American cheese, had to select two types of cheese, and had to have 2 additional ingredients to make it a nutritionally balanced food item.

The winners of this event were Grace Lundt, Jonah Thompson, and Autumn Steede. They called their sandwich "The Sandwich of 2015" and that it was! They used rye bread, Gouda and Havarti cheese, bacon, and spinach!

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Wise Guys Discover "Sweet Georgia Brown"

On December 30 the Wise Guys and Wise Guys Mentors travelled to Green Bay to see a Harlem Globetrotters game. While many of the coaches and parents of our Wise Guys remember going to a Globetrotters game when they were kids, most of our Wise Guys had never been to one themselves. What a perfect opportunity for our guys! To top it all off, we set up a special meet-and-greet just for our Wise Guys/Wise Guys Mentors and a few of the players beforehand. They came in, introduced themselves, signed autographs, and took an awesome large group photo! Afterwards, our guys watched a truly entertaining Globetrotters win. This was a great experience for our guys, and they did not let Clintonville down. Awesome job guys! Way to represent CMS!
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6th Grade Wise(r) Guys Visit Maple Lane

Our 6th Grade Wise(r) Guys, and some high school mentors, traveled to Maple Lane over our Winter Break. After a tour of the facilities, the Guys learned about the residents (short-term vs. long-term). They also learned about exercises and therapy and even got a tour of the cafeteria. Afterwards, they met with some of the residents and played a few games of BINGO. It was great to watch the guys interact with the residents. They had to help them place the BINGO chips on the board, called out the numbers, and even brought along the BINGO prizes. Our guys did a great job representing CMS. Very proud of the guys.
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Calendar Items

February Spelling Bee

Monday, Feb. 2nd, 4:30pm

64 Green Tree Road

Clintonville, WI

At Clintonville High School Auditorium. Clintonville students in grades 4-8 will compete. The winner will attend the CESA 8 Spelling Bee.

Annual CMS Cookie Dough And Magazine Sale

Friday, Feb. 6th, 12-12am

255 North Main Street

Clintonville, WI

The annual CMS cookie dough and magazine sale will kick off on Friday, Feb. 6, and run through Friday, Feb. 20. Fifth through eighth grade students will receive information and order forms for a wide variety of frozen cookie dough, plus many popular magazines. This sale helps fund special items at CMS, including field trips.

CESA 8 Regional Spelling Bee

Monday, Feb. 9th, 7pm

64 Green Tree Road

Clintonville, WI

At Clintonville High School Auditorium. Students from Clintonville, Bonduel, Menominee Indian, Shawano, Bowler, Marion, Gresham, Tigerton and Wittenberg-Birnamwood are attending. Inclement weather date Feb. 12th.


Friday, Feb. 13th, 4:30-6:30pm

255 North Main Street

Clintonville, WI

$4.00 Entrance Fee

or 16 Trucker Tickets


Friday, Feb. 13th, 7-9pm

255 North Main Street

Clintonville, WI

$4.00 Entrance Fee

or 16 Trucker Tickets

No School: Teacher Inservice

Monday, Feb. 16th, 12am

255 North Main Street

Clintonville, WI

We will not have school this day.

Parent Night

Thursday, Feb. 19th, 6-7:30pm

105 South Clinton Avenue

Clintonville, WI

For elementary and middle school families. Fun for students. Information for parents. See attached flyer.

STEM Day For Girls

Friday, Feb. 27th, 8am

2100 Main Street

Stevens Point, WI

The field trip is open to any 7th or 8th grade girl to attend. Cost for the trip is $30. Registration for the day begins on January 22, and quickly fills to capacity. We would like to see a large contingent of students attend this event. With a variety of sessions to choose from, girls that attended last year can return and not need to repeat the same selection. Please encourage your child to attend and pick up the registration materials from Mr. Rose or Mr. Taylor.

Middle School Solo and Ensemble Festival

Thursday, Feb. 26th, 6-8pm

1149 Shoemaker Road

Waupaca, WI


Picking Up Your Child

We'd like to remind all parents of the policy for picking up your students during school hours.

  1. Parents check in at the middle school office
  2. Office personnel contact the classroom teacher to release your child
  3. Parents sign out their child

We ask that you have the office make contact with your child. Classroom teachers cannot release students from class because students receive a text. Please help us keep your children safe and allow us to account for their whereabouts.


What: How is my young child doing on developmental skills? Find out with our free Developmental Preschool screening in the Clintonville area as part of the school district’s ongoing Child Find outreach.

Who: Children, ages 1-5, who live in the Clintonville School District.

When: We are offering 2 more screening days to choose between:

Wed. Feb. 25, 2:00-5:00 P.M. Clintonville Public Library

Fri. March 20, 9:00-11:30 A.M. St. Mary’s Parish Center, Bear Creek

How: Call April, 715-823-7215 ext. 2500, at Dellwood Early Learning Center. Provide your child’s name and age and you will be mailed an Ages and Stages Questionnaire for your child. Complete the questionnaire, and return the questionnaire when you and your child come to screening!

Screening is provided in cooperation with Clintonville Public Schools, Head Start, and Birth to Three programs from Waupaca, Outagamie, and Shawano Counties.

Evaluación Pre-Escolar Gratuita llegara pronto al área de Clintonville

Quiénes: Niños de 1 a 5 años de edad que viven en el Distrito Escolar de Clintonville.

Cuando: Estamos ofreciendo 3 días de evaluación a elegir entre:

Miércoles 25 de Febrero, 2015 - 2:00-5:00 P.M. Biblioteca Pública de Clintonville

Viernes 20 de Marzo, 2015 - 9:00-11:30 A.M. St. Mary’s Parish Center, Bear Creek

Como: Si prefieres hablar con alguien en Español llama al número 715-823-7215 ext. 3275 o llama al número 715-823-7215 ext. 2500 y pide hablar con April en Dellwood Early Learning Center.

Proporcione el nombre de su hijo y la edad y se le enviará un Cuestionario de Edades y Etapas para su hijo. Complete el cuestionario, y traiga los formularios completos junto con usted y su hijo el día de la evaluación.

La evaluación se ofrece en colaboración con Las Escuelas Públicas de Clintonville, Head Start, y el programa de 0 a 3 de los condados de Waupaca, Outagamie y Shawano.

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