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Wise Old Owl Won't Speak to Anyone

It all happened on December 29, 2015. Wise old owl's friends reported that their owl friend was becoming more independent and wouldn't talk to them anymore. This started at 3:00 P.M. at the owl's Oak tree. People say that the more he saw the less he spoke. Some people believe that this wasn't a problem and it's just that he's getting old, so he doesn't like talking to anyone anymore. Some people try to convince him to talk to them and act friendly, but they're really just acting that way because they know that the old owl has seen a lot of things, so they just want to listen to other people's secrets, but the owl was too wise for them.


Even though there are so many animals in the world, a dog is my favorite.

Dogs are one of the smartest animals in the world. They have lived with us for about 10,000 years, longer than any other animal. There are about 340 dog breeds which is just an understatement because the American Kennel Club only recognizes about 167. The first book about dogs was written in 1570 by an English philosopher named John Caius. The dogs scientific name is canis lupus familiaris. Many countries sponsor dog shows in which dogs are evaluated on their physical appearance. The smallest dog is a chihuahua which varies to 5 inches. Many cities have laws which say that dogs must be kept on a leash in public. Dogs learn faster if rewarded instead of being punished. It is useless to punish a house training error several hours after it happened. Some common signs that tell you a dog is ill is if it has a fever, changes in behavior, or changes in appetite.

In conclusion, a dog is one of the best pets to have if you’re looking for a pet because they have lived with us for about 10,000 years, longer than any other animal.


My favorite app is Instagram. I like it because you can follow your friends accounts, like their pictures and comment on their posts. At the bottom, there is a rectangle that has five options you can choose from. The first option is one that looks like a house. That is your home where you can see posts from the people you follow or see your DM’s. The second option is one that looks like a navigator. That shows posts from the people that are followed by the accounts you follow. The third one is a camera. On there, you can either take a picture or choose a picture from your camera roll. The fourth one is looks like a heart in a chat/word bubble. There is two options at the top of it that say following and you. On the following option, you can see posts of the people you are following that they have liked, if they have commented on someone’s post, or if they follow someone but not personal information. On the you option, you can see who has followed you, liked one of your posts, commented on one of your posts, or it can tell you when a friend from Facebook gets Instagram. The last option is one that looks like someone's head. That is where you can see your account and your posts. You can also have a private account, so that they have to send you a follow request and you can accept or deny it. If you see an account on Instagram of someone you don’t think has something appropriate, you can report them, block them, or both. In conclusion, I like Instagram because it’s really cool to be able to see your friend’s posts and have your own account for your friends to see.

San Andreas

Do you have a favorite movie? My favorite movie is San Andreas. A seemingly normal day turns disastrous when Raymond Gaines has to navigate an airplane to save his only daughter, Blake Gaines, with his ex-wife, Emma Gaines. The movie came out in 2015. It is PG-13. Raymond Gaines makes a dangerous mission in the aftermath of an earthquake in California to save his daughter and other people. The main actors and actresses are Dwayne Johnson as Raymond Gaines, Carla Gugino as Emma Gaines, and Alexandria Daddario as Blake Gaines. The theme of the movie is that sometimes you have to learn to work with someone you don't get along with to help a loved one. While Blake was in the waiting room waiting for her stepfather to eat lunch, she met two boys. When her and her stepdad were on there way to lunch, part of the parking garage fell down and killed the driver and got Blake's feet stuck. The stepfather just left her there and left her screaming for help. The two brothers heard her and went down to help her. They traveled together for the rest of the way. I thought the movie was really exciting because you didn't know what was going to happen next or if they were even going to still be alive.

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