Rainbow Burst, Sky Dream Shoppe

A thirst for the burst!

Our shop is a fresh and fruity rainbow!

Our shop is very unique because we squeeze fresh fruit to make our gummies. Our flavors are cherry, orange, lemon, lime, blue raspberry, grape and watermelon. We begin the creating process by juicing fruits and mixing the juice into a water sugar paste. Then, the gummies are hardened into a square shape. After cooling, they are set out to be sugared. The sugaring process is easy. We take colored sugar crystals and sprinkle them evenly. And finally, we have our signature candy, the RAINBOW BURST MAGIC GUMMY! I also feature Julia's Kit Pop And Candy Shoppe's delicious treats!

Our magical rainbows and more

Float on down to the Rainbow Burst Shoppe

Our magical shop is located in my lovely hometown of Mebane, North Carolina! It's located at my house!

Our gummies prices:

one pack of one flavor [15 gummies] $2.00

A classic pack [5 of each flavor] $5.00

Monday-Friday 9:00am-8:30pm

Saturday 9:00am-9:30pm

Sunday 1:00pm-5:30pm

Were you can find us!

Sorry that our shop doesn't have a facebook or twitter account. Anyways, all of the links below are where you can find but not follow me and my company. Also a cool website where you can play a fun cupcake decorating game.