A Heart's Confession

Evelyn (Poetry and Visual Arts Editor)

A Heart's Confession

I am sorry for what I had to do

I am sorry I was never complete

And how you will never be

Always cracking, crumbling.

I am sorry for being persistent,

Keeping you in

Gut grabbing pain.

Will you ever forgive me

for not being around

For leaving so soon

For being deadly.

I hope, one day.

And even though I will never come back

I hope the muscle keeping

You alive is good.

Little one,

You will be stronger

From keeping you in pain,

And not being whole,

But I will never

Apologize for the scar I leave behind, reminding you


We will never be whole

And leaving was the best I could do

Because you did not have a chance with me

Even though they wanted

Us to work.


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Evelyn is a Poetry and Visual Arts Editor of Boom Site. She is a junior in high school and is active in the theater and choir departments at her school. She has been writing stories since she was young. She writes poetry and prose and is involved with many creative arts endeavors. Her favorite books include Looking for Alaska by John Green, Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern, and A Separate Peace by John Knowles.

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