My Memoirs

Josue S. Mendoza

The Gift of Life

Life. Is a precious gift given to many. Sometimes it is taken for granted, in the end we all have to appreciate and live life to the fullest, enjoying every last minute because we don't know when this special gift will be taken away.

I received my gift back in November 24, 1996, when I first arrived to this world. My mom always says I was a very cute little boy, she could of fool me, but to be honest the pictures don't lie. I am lucky that I grew up with the best, loving parents a boy could ever want. Without their loving support I wouldn't be the man I am today. I am proud to say that I am the luckiest person in the world to have great family supporting me throughout this life, the special gift that was given to me.

Childhood Scare

I remember as a child, I was very quiet
I was shy and very reserved
But since childhood I had buddies
With which I shared and played without any concern
You could say that I was one of those kids who did what others were doing
I remember that in one occasion one of my friends, Joel, as he was so curious, took the red balls that we saw from the bushes and shoved it into his nose.

Well, since I was a good follower I did the same. The problem was that I shoved the little red ball deep into my nostril that I panicked and got so frustrated.

Then I hear everyone screaming, it felt like I was trapped in a tunnel and couldn't get out. Then I saw a light, it was my mom, I had a huge feeling of relieved, next thing I know I don't have the little ball stuck inside my nose anymore. From that day forward I have always remembered and cherished this bittersweet memory of my life.

Journey to the States

The time had come to migrate to the states

I felt nervous and scare for I did not know our fates

Although I was very young and didn't really understand what was going on

I still remember the enormous bird I had seen, " Is this really going to fly us?", then I yawned.

That was the first time I had seen such a beautiful view from above

I was never going to forget being scare, but I managed thanks to my mom's love.

You know? I never thought I would actually board a plane and soar in the sky.

And you know what? Even though I was a little boy I liked the feeling of being in the sky close to the stars. I'm not going to lie.

Can you understand what I am saying?

For those of you who don't really know my life from the beginning, well, I was born in my native country in Central America. I was born and raised there till the age of 4. Also, my dad had already migrated to the USA back in the 80s, so he decided it was time for my mom and I to take that long journey to the states to be with him like the awesome and loving family we were and still are. So to make the story short, I started school right away at the age of 4. Anyway, there is this quite funny memory my mom always talks to me about. When ever I started school I only knew how to speak and understand my first language, Spanish, so I had this teacher who only spoke English, when ever she spoke to me I couldn't understand a word she was saying. They called and asked my mom if I was either death or couldn't speak at all . Now that is a memory I will always remember because it was my first experience and taste of my first time in the USA, and cause my mom always reminds me of that experience.

My two younger sisters

Well, all my entire family including, mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins are from my native country back in El Salvador, except for my two younger sisters who were born in the US. When we arrived to the states, I met my first sister, if I remember correctly I was very excited, I doubt I can say the same thing now about her, just kidding! Anyway, my sister Sara was born and I loved her and still do like the big brother I am and will always be. Next, my other sister was born, Abigail , she was a very tiny baby, but I also loved her. I love my sisters, even when they sometimes can annoy me and I admit I also annoy them, sometimes, but we all love each other like a real happy family.

High school/ Messege to my teacher Mrs. Carlson

Whenever I was close to starting my freshmen year in high school, I was quite nervous, because I knew it would be so much different from middle school just like middle school from elementary. I would have to become more responsible and more independent. It was a weird but exciting change. Now, looking back it feels like all these years of high school happened just yesterday. I am very grateful to all those teachers who have helped me throughout the years of high school, specially Mrs. Carlson. Mrs. Carlson, I am very interested in all that missionary work you do in Africa, I feel you are doing a loving and caring act. I would indeed love to go with you to Africa in the Summer of 2016, of course if the opportunity presents it self. I do not have Facebook, so here is my email,

Success begins NOW

I might not show it a lot but I am so, so excited to graduate high school. I understand perfectly that this will close and open a new chapter of my life, a new adventure will begin the moment I was into that stage and receive my diploma with anxiety, just like when a baby receives a candy. I feel like I have come so far, a chapter closes in high school, but a new one begins, my goal is to be successful in life and care for others such as my friends and family and other people in the world.

Ok, so the other day I was talking to my mom, she told me that she is proud of me and how she is happy I am graduating. Curiously, I graduate June 6, 2015, well that same day I graduate will be my sister Sara's birthday. My mom told me that the day I finish Pre-Kindergarten, that same day after I got out of school my sister Sara was actually born. Now, the day I finished senior year in high school my Sara will be turning 13 that same day. Is that cool or what? I thought it was pretty interesting.