05/04/21 Academic Affairs Brief

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This Brief Includes:

  • Final Grades Due Sunday
  • Experiential Learning Institute: Call for Proposals & Participants


  • Friday, May 7th: Deadline for Proposals to Experiential Learning Institute (see below)

  • Sunday, May 9th: Final Grades are Due


Final letter grades (A-F) are due by midnight on Sunday, May 9th. We recognize that it is a swift turnaround from last day of classes to final grade submission. It is imperative that final grades are submitted on time so that degrees can be conferred and graduates can walk confidently across the commencement stage.

Here are the full instructions on how to submit grades in WebAdvisor. Some important directions to note:

1) In WebAdvisor, please use the semester code 2021STR. You will not be able to final grades for your courses if you select any other semester code.

2) If faculty enter grades of S, U or anything other than the standard letter grade scheme (A-F), those grades will be removed and reported as missing.

3) If faculty enter a grade of Incomplete and it has not been pre-approved, the grade will be removed and reported as missing.

4) If faculty enter a grade of P (pass) instead of the standard grade scheme (A-F), and the course is not designated as pass/fail, those grades will be removed and reported as missing.

If faculty are unable to access WebAdvisor, please submit a Helpdesk ticket to champsupport@champlain.edu. In the event that the issue isn't resolved by Sunday's submission deadline, faculty should email their grades to Nick Spaziani (nspaziani@champlain.edu) directly, and Nick will work with faculty regarding grade entry.


We are excited to announce the Experiential Learning Institute—a pilot summer learning community that will function as a professional development workshop series for the Champlain teaching community. The Institute is focused on establishing practices and processes for a pedagogical approach in which knowledge is produced through direct experience that is framed by ideas and followed by reflection, analysis, and synthesis.

This Experiential Learning Institute will run from June 1 to 4 and has an open call for proposals. The institute will be organized on the theme "The 15-Minute City." Adapting the 15-minute city urban concept, we will learn what experiential learning environments/resources are within a fifteen-minute walk of campus. This theme was chosen for the pilot program as inspiration for faculty/staff to re-learn our campus and local community. Participants, whether faculty or staff, will develop strategies to engage students more deeply with their local environments when we return to in-person learning in the fall. Collectively, participants will create an asset map of existing and potential experiential learning resources.


Call for Proposals

Ten presenters will each receive a $250 stipend. Presentations may be in-person or remote. If you are interested in presenting, please fill out the proposal form. The deadline for submission is Friday, May 7. We will review your proposal and contact you by Friday, May 14.


Save the Date

If you are interested in participating (in-person, remote, and hybrid formats will be offered) during part or all of the event, please let us know!

We'll invite you to RSVP again once presentations are announced in late May.

If you have any questions please reach out to one of the organizers:

Jonathan Banfill / jbanfill@champlain.edu

Aziz Fatnassi / afatnassi@champlain.edu

Jonathan Mikulak / jmikulak@champlain.edu

Kristin Novotny / knovotny@champlain.edu

Katheryn Wright / kwright@champlain.edu

Important Dates

  • 05/03 - 05/07 - Finals Week (This is the same as week 15, normal class schedule)

  • 05/09 - Final grades due

  • 05/15 - Commencement