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Josh Ochs Visits Garden City Schools and Teaches Parents and Students How to Shine Online

Located in California, Josh Ochs developed a terrific website and has written several books on social media and digital citizenship. He presents to thousands of parents and students each year throughout the country and the GC PTA was delighted to finally secure his visit to New York last week. Sponsored by the GC PTA, Josh Ochs presented to students in grades 8 through 12 and parents in a 90-minute evening event.

Copies of Josh's book: Light, Bright and Polite for Parents and Teens are available in the GCHS Library and the GC Public Library for the use of parents and students.

Health & Safety in our Schools

Homestead School's Health and Safety Bulletin Board celebrates "Healthy Eating" at the school thanks to school nurse, Mrs. Schneider.

Community Support Soars for FOCUS Blood Drives

Stewart School and Stratford School's 5th grade students had amazing results at their Annual Blood Drive.
In total, at Stratford School, there were 86 Presenting Donors with 82 pints of blood collected (68 whole blood donations and 7 double red donations). That is 246 Potential Lives Saved!!!
This year's event had 25 more donors and 20 pints more than last year. We are all so proud of the 5th graders. They were very helpful and behaved very well. Thank you, 5th grade teachers, for helping the GC PTA and parent volunteers organize them!

All classes at Stewart School celebrated Thanksgiving with healthy fruits and vegetables.
Here are some healthy “winter” tips for physical activity from the Assistant Principal (Mrs. Bell):
  1. Do fall and winter chores with your kids – raking leaves, shoveling snow.
  2. Have fun together outside – go for a walk, tumble in the leaves, go sledding, build a snowman.
  3. Go on an active family outing – ice skating, bowling, skiing.
  4. Turn on holiday music and dance around the house.
  5. Give gifts that encourage physical activity, like active games or sporting equipment.

Garden City High School's NYU Winthrop Explorers Program meets for monthly presentations at NYU Winthrop Hospital from October 2017 to April 2018. Students submit applications for this program each September as enrollment is limited. GCHS students attended a seminar last month at NYU Winthrop's Research and Academic Center and heard from Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants about careers in their fields.

New additions to the GCHS Innovation Lab @ the GCHS! Health Classes explore stress reduction stations in the HS Library. Take a look at some of the the ways students explore, create, tinker and relax.

Safe Driving During the Holidays

With more distractions during the holidays, it’s never too late to be a good role model. Your son or daughter has been watching what you do in cars since they were small, and will model their good and bad behavior after what they see you do. Even if you’ve made mistakes, start doing the right thing today.

Articles and Links

Bob Wolf of HOPE Skills

Tuesday, Dec. 12th, 7pm

Garden City High School Library

ALL are WELCOME, PARENTS and STUDENTS to join us for an evening meeting with a special speaker presentation from Bob Wolf. Visit to learn more about skills students can learn to given them competitive edge in life to help build their self-confidence and self-esteem.