Super Kitchen Safety

I'm going to teach you how to be safe in the kitchen. -Jason

Do Not Cross-Contaminate

Do not mix raw meats with vegetables or any other foods. Do not use the same cutting board for different things over and over again.

Don't forget to wash your hands

Washing your hands before and after cooking is very important. You wash your hands before cooking to get all the bacteria and germs off your hands so they don't get on the food. You also do it after so the bacteria/germs on the food doesn't get on your household objects.

Cook meat at the appropriate temperatures

There are certain temperatures you need to cook your meat. If your meat is not cooked properly then the bacteria and viruses the meat contains can get into your body and cause you to get very sick. This is why you should always check if you're cooking meat at the appropriate temperature to where these viruses and bacteria are killed.

Clean your work station

While you're cooking/making the food make sure you clean your work area before using it for something else. This is probably the way most people cross-contaminate. People use a certain area to prepare the meat and without thinking use the same area for vegetables without cleaning it. You should always make sure to clean your work station.