Carnatic Youth Foundation (CYF)

A Springboard for the Next Generation of Musicians

What is it?

The Carnatic Youth Foundation is a premier not-for-profit association to foster knowledge and interest in youth for Carnatic music (vocal, instrumental and percussion)

How is it different?

It is focused primarily on North American youth that are serious about Carnatic music and want to explore intricacies and technical details in this great art.

~ It is an organization run primarily by youth

~ The programs driven by youth interests

~ It also aims to raise funds for local charities

What can you look forward to?

~30 minute slots for concert ready people in the 12 to 18 age range

~Lecture demonstrations by visiting professional artists

How can you help?

~Become a member of the leadership committee

~Volunteer for upcoming events

~Help raise funds for local charities

Our Kickoff Event

~ June Date TBA: Lecture Demonstration

Contact Information:

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