Class News

Upcoming news for Mrs. Lagares' class

EOG in the Park

Saturday, April 9, 2016 your student is invited to a Saturday EOG review session at Freedom Park.

This is NOT a CMS or Oakdale elementary school event. This is an off-campus, volunteer event that is being offered by me. Your child will not be covered under CMS insurance, policies, etc. However, rules will be given on the permission form that will be sent home on Thursday and behavior expectations are required to be followed. Parents are welcome, in fact encouraged, to come join us for the day. Pizza, soda and chips will be provided by me. The only fee is $3.25 to cover the cost of printing the EOG Review Practice booklet that your child will be given that day. If adults will be attending, it will be a $2 fee per adult if they will be having pizza as well.

*Any students who have had behavior issues within the classroom will be required to have an adult accompany them to this event. This will be indicated on their permission form.

The schedule will be as follows:

8:45 Arrive at designated spot

9:00-11:00 Math Session

11:00-12:00 Lunch break

12:00-2:00 Literacy Session

2:00-3:00 Free Play/ football Game Break

3:00-5:00 Project Session

Depending on student attendance and parent interest, another EOG in the park may be scheduled for May.

Classroom Library books need to be returned.

We are entering our 4th and final quarter. Many of our classroom books were brought home during previous quarters and never came back. A few of my own books were among them. We will begin checking all books over the next few weeks. Please check your home for any books that need to be returned to school. If any books are missing and your child was the last to sign that book out, you will be required to replace the book or pay the cost of replacement. These books are for 4th grade and we would like to ensure that next year's students have the same opportunities to borrow these books as your child has had.

Learning Farm Online EOG Practice

All students have been signed in to the online website called This website has practice EOG lessons for ALL standards that your child has been taught this year. Each student will login with their first initial and full last name. (Example: MLagares)

Then they will use the password mlagares4. All standards have been uploaded for each student. Students can use this site from now until April 20th. Depending on how many students utilize this website, it may be extended till May 22nd. This is an excellent source of practice and review before the EOG's in May.