For Sale- Roman Single Family Home

Includes a brick exterior, red tile roofs, beautiful mosaics and paintings on the floors and walls, and is located on the cities hills.

This single family home will suite everyone in the family. Windows and balconies face the courtyard so no burglars get into the house. Enough room for any amount of furniture, and has no carpeting.
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Will most likely fit your price budget! (Talk to realtor)

Bathroom and water

In this home, there is a luxury of a private bath, toilet, and running water. In the atrium, there is a hold in the ceiling for water to come down from when it rains for water supply and guests

Walls and Flooring

This house has a red tiled roof, brick exterior, marble walls, and tiled flooring. No carpet will be found in the house and there is enough room for a preferred amount of furniture.