Cole Versus Peter

Cole Transforms by Claire Swonke

david bowie - changes

Cole At His Worst (aggressive thoughts)

"Cole figured he wouldn't even be here if Peter Driscal had just known how to fight back. Instead, Peter was hospitalized."(9)

Cole At His Worst (aggressive action)

When Peter tried to escape, he tripped and fell onto the ground. Cole jumped on him again and started smashing his head against the sidewalk. It took six other students to finally pull him off. (8)

Cole At His Worst (aggressive dialogue)

'"...Serves him right," Cole mumbled when he was first told of Peter's condition." (9)

Cole Making Progress (improving thoughts)

"You know, the stuff you just told me makes more sense than all the weird things the counselors and psychologist have told me in school and at the detention center." (175)

Cole Making Progress (improving actions)

"As Cole turned, suddenly Edwin rushed at him and shoved him hard with both hands. The push sent Cole sprawling to the floor, from the line. Startled, Cole scrambled to get to his feet. Edwin offered a hand and helped him up. Cole fought the urge to hit or shove the elder. "You caught me off guard! he said."' (152)

Cole Making Progress (improving dialogue)

'"And what if I can't help Peter?" Cole asked, worried. (235)

Cole At His Best (thoughtful thoughts)

"Fists swollen and bleeding, Cole stopped suddenly. He caught his breath, feeling overwhelming shame. In the middle of the night, he sank his knees at the base of the tall cedar, his body shaking with sobs. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" he whispered. (232)

Cole At His Best (thoughtful actions)

Cole pulled off the backpack. "I have something I want to give you," he said. He took out the folded at.oow. "Garvey gave this to me as a symbol of friendship and to show he trusted me." He handed the at.oow to Peter. "Now I want you to have it." "Are you saying you trust me?" Peter asked. Cole nodded. "I hope someday you'll trust me." (286)

Cole At His Best (thoughtful dialogue)

'"I danced the dance of anger," Cole announced during Edwin's next visit. Edwin glanced at him. "What did you learn?" "To forgive," Cole said. (234)