Operation rescue Nachshon Wachsman

Afek Aharoni & Eyal Kopans

Created on March 17, 2016.

Mission #1

We chose the "Operation Rescue Nachshon Wachsman".

Mission #2

We chose it because it intrigues us and this it is part of the Israel's history.

Missions #3

Sergeant Nachson Wachsman (3 April 1975-October 14 1994) was killed in Bir Nabala.

He was an IDF soldier that had been kidnapped and held hostage for 6 days by Hamas and was killed while attempting to rescue him.
The Hamas executed him on Friday at 20:00 in the same week he was captured.

Nachshon Wachsman served in the Golani Brigade.

The men that tried to rescue him were from Sayeret Matkal.

During the rescue mission Nir Poraz was shot and killed by the terrorists.

Mission #4

Our hero is Nachshon Wachsman, because he served in the IDF and it indicates a desire to protect the country.

ID Card:

Name: Nachshon Mordechai Wachsman.

Country: Israel.

Born in: April 3, 1975.

Killed on: October 14, 1994.

Served in: IDF ( Israel Defense Forces ) Golani Brigade.

Rank: Sergeant

Mission #5

Mission #6

On October 9 1994 Nachshon Wachsman was kidnapped at the Hatayasim Intersection near Tel Aviv, while trying to get a ride that will take him to his friend's House in Ramla. He got into a car with four Hamas terrorists who were looked like Jewish settlers.

On friday October 14,after being held for 6 days in Bir Nabala, 7 soldiers from Sayeret Matkal came to rescue Nachshon Wachsman at 19:15.

As soon as the terrorists heard the door blast, they shot Nachshon Wachsman, seven times and killed him on the spot.

The soldiers broke into the room and killed all of the terrorists.

During the rescue mission Nir Poraz, one of the commanders, was shot and killed by the terrorists.

Mission #7

We think it's an amazing project and that we enriched our knowledge.

We felt sad because Nachshon Wachsman got killed, and yet we were intersted to read more about the failed rescue mission.

הווידאופדיה: נחשון וקסמן