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March 18, 2016

Volume 3, Number 28

"We are most nearly ourselves when we achieve

the seriousness of the child at play." --Heraclitus

What's happening, WMS?

Starfish of the week...

From Jennifer Mitchell to Amy Brown for recognizing some of the emotional needs of her students and thinking outside of the box to find ways to help them. It has been fun working together! Thank you for making their day!

From Heather Griffith to Andrew Hepler because he is proof that we can over come adversity and succeed, that we do make a difference in our students lives. Also, because he makes the lounge at lunch lively and interesting. Thank you for choosing a positive attitude each day and playing.

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Warrior Warehouse

All teachers have their devices. Thanks to our technology team for getting these in our hands. Continue to get more familiar with your device and the endless possibilities. The warrior warehouse is a great place to start exploring.


Your tech coaches are very excited to announce that we will be instituting Tech Tuesdays beginning next Tuesday, March 22! From 7:40 until students come, we will be meeting in the Media Center to support or extend your technology wants and needs. Whether you consider yourself a newbie or an expert, we hope to have something for everyone.
Each week will have a different focus, so please join us if you are able.

Next week's focus will be and open forum format, so bring your questions/tips and tricks to share with others, Mac or Chromebooks, alike.


March 22 Tornado Drill 10:15 am

March 24 Academic Superbowl at WMS

March 25 NO SCHOOL! Good Friday.

March 29/30 8th grade Ivy Tech/Finance Park trip

April 18 5th Grade Parent Night 6:30 pm


March 22 5:00PM Swimming Home vs. Bremen MS

SMART START Wednesday's

All Smart Starts will start promptly at 7:40 am every Wednesday morning.

We will use future Smart Starts to work on teachers devices and start down that path of how to best utilize what we have for student engagement and success. We will focus on technology for a majority of the remainder of our Smart Starts as our professional development.

Homeroom Writing Prompt

Be sure to use the RATS Model (Emphasize the R and the A).

Writing Prompt:

"What do you already do to put people in a better mood?"

From the Desk of .sJ

Extended Break Shutdown

Next Friday, March 25, is Good Friday and no school. Please observe the following procedures for an extended break:

  • shut everything down - computers (teacher station and student stations), speakers, projectors, Smart Boards. In other words, make sure your room is ‘black’,

  • unplug as much as you can WITHOUT standing on chair - do not unplug stuff in the ceiling,

  • I ask that someone from your team ensure that the grade level lab is shut down completely (towers and monitors completely off). Although we do have a SAP that is conducting shutdowns, a review is helpful.

Active Supervision

Working with students in as many environments as we do, it is often asked ‘how do I deal with this student’. Many times the response is not about the student, but rather the environment the student is in. One way to work with students in the school environment, is to use the Active Supervision model. According to the Missouri Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support “Active supervision is a strategy that allows staff to frequently interact with students in order to build healthy teacher-student relationships, provide frequent positive feedback for appropriate behavior, and to swiftly and consistently respond to inappropriate behaviors. Active supervision sends a clear message to the students that the teacher is aware of their behavior, and that their behavior matters.”

There are three (3) critical components of the process of Active Participation:

  1. Moving - physically move about the environment, don’t stay in one place,

  2. Scanning - make eye contact with as many students as possible,

  3. Interacting - interact positively with as many students as possible.

These three tips can be a great help when supervising students in your classroom, another teacher’s classroom, the gym or the cafeteria.

For more information, visit Missouri PBIS. There is information, handouts, worksheets and activities.

In School Suspension

Students who are placed in ISS need to have work they missed in class sent to Mr. Hite. Send the activity, worksheet, assignement, etc. If the class period missed is a 'work period', please convey that to Mr. Hite.

As you are all probably aware, it creates a number of concerns and arguments, when there is miscommunication about assignments. Assignments are needed to keep the body and mind occupied in Mr. Hite's room.

School Safety #11

Please discuss what you would do during team meeting and work together on what would be a good plan for you and your students. This is not an opportunity to talk about "what-if's" or complaints, it is a serious reflection of "what you would do" if presented with the scenario:

It is a beautiful spring morning and you are on your way to school, it is bound to be a great day. As you pull into the school, you notice a deer carcass on the side of the road near the WMS embankment. You think nothing of it, as this is not an uncommon sight. Later in the day, you go to car to leave for lunch. You go to lunch and are bringing back some double cheeseburgers for your favorite Assistant Principal and you see three or four coyotes hanging around door #11 (6th hallway), presumably from dining on the deer. What do you do?

Remember to log discussion of School Safety responses in your team meeting minutes.

Have a great weekend,

Shawn J

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