Independent Study

By: Alexandra Bowles

Editing Photos: Photoshop

This is my second year in yearbook so I've been able to learn the same lessons that we do in Photoshop twice. I've really enjoyed doing the Photoshop portion of yearbook so when we were given the independent study assignment I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to learn more techniques and tools to use with Photoshop.

Photoshop is important?

Photoshop is important! Even if you're not wanting to be a professional photographer when you grow up you can still benefit from using it. Photoshop is important to learn because you can retouch photos that you took poorly, switch awful backgrounds, and just have fun with! I think many people should learn at least the basics of Photoshop.

My Photo Album

Fairy Night Eye

This is one of my favorite edits that I did for this project.
Big image


I made this edit with only techniques and tools provided in Photoshop.
Big image

Dramatic Sky

This edit mostly focused on light and texture to make the images blend.
Big image


This edit started out with a background image with the house, a sky, and me!
Big image
Big image

How did I do it?

I mostly used online tutorials to help me make my edits. I also used my own knowledge of Photoshop to take short cuts. If you're looking into Photoshop then it's always a good idea to understand the basics before just jumping into an edit! You might only want to touch up a few photos.

Independent Studying: What's in it for me?

Independent studying is a really great idea. You can go at your own pace so you won't be struggling to catch up or sitting there bored. You also get to pick your own topic so you should always be interested in what you are doing. Needless to say I really enjoyed the independent study!

Interested in Photoshop?

If you want to give Photoshop a try here are some links that I used to make my edits:

You can also search for photoshop edit ideas and come up with a lot of great sites!