Massachusetts August 24, 1927

Will Jack Dempsey Be Able To Win Back His World Heavyweight Title?

Fans have idolized Jack Dempsey before he won his world heavyweight title in 1919; fans still support this champion today. Last year was the year Jack Dempsey lost his world heavyweight title to Gene Tunney. Dempsey held that title from 1919-1926. This is the year Dempsey is challenged to win back his title. He has the chance to redeem his title. Do you think he can do it? Watch him take on this match at Soldier Field in Chicago Illinois at 4:00 PM or tune in at 100.1 FM. Watch the match on TV on the FOX News channel. This will be the biggest match of the year. You wont want to miss it. Help support Dempsey win back his 7 year title.

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