Islet of Langerhans and Diabetes

-Are Islets of langerhans a possible cure for Diabetes?- What?

Inside of your body there are islets. These make insulin.

Wait... What?... Whats this Insulin thingy?!?

In your body you have a organ called a pancreas. Whenever you eat food it breaks down into carbohydrates and things your body can use. The carbohydrates (carbs) go to your pancreas where there is insulin that kills some of the carbs. If you have type one diabetes your body does not produce insulin, which means you have lots of carbs. So then you have to take a shot of insulin, in your stomach or arm.

Oh, I Know What Diabetes is! Its When People eat A Lot Of Food!

Uhhh NO! Type 1 diabetes is when your body just, stops making insulin, not because you eat to much. However, type two diabetes is when you follow the Paula Dean diet. (Watch Video Below)

But Why Does this matter to me?!?

Because does anybody remember remember Nick Jonas? or Halle Berry? These are all celebritys that have Type one Diabetes. But with the brand new Islet Transplantation Process they could be cured!


Yup! (Plug your ears if you get grossed out easily please,) a certain doctor will take a pancreas from a deceased organ donor and they put it in a special machine that squeeze and shake all of the blood and such out of it and you will be left with..... ISLETS! (Yay!) The doctor will the sterilize and put them in bags.

The actual surgery will then take place then.

A Day in the Life with Type 1 Diabetes