ICT Bulletin

Monday 13th May 2013

Switched on ICT

From September we'll be using the 'Switched on ICT' scheme of work as our basic ICT curriculum. This means that all ICT planning and assessment will be based on the work in the year group packs, including the foundation stage. Although I have been reluctant to use a purchased scheme in the past, Switched on ICT has been highly recommended. I have left the teacher guides in the staff room for you to look at. Please don't move them from there.

On the staff room wall you will notice that I have suggested possible times in the year for you to cover the specified topics. However you are free to move them around.

I will go into more detail about how we will use and adapt the scheme of work later this term, in preparation for September.

TED Talks

If you haven't listened to, watched or read about a TED talk (Technology, Entertainment, Design) then I suggest you investigate! Founded in 1984 as a one off conference before becoming an annual event in 1990, TED talks have been accessed over 1 billion times via the http://www.ted.com website! Guest speakers have a maximum time of 18 minutes to discuss a topic related to the conference theme. Notable speakers have included Bill Gates, Al Gore, the founders of Google and Gordon Brown. However it is the lesser-known speakers that are arguably the best. After recently coming across the Ted Radio Hour podcasts, via the podcast app, I have listened to some inspiring teachers and educationalists talk about their view of education and teaching. Try this as a starter - http://www.ted.com/playlists/77/new_to_ted.html

Just for fun!

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