By: Elvira Woodruff

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Reviewed By: Nate, Paul and Eli


In the book Fearless many things happen.The main characters names are Digory and his brother “Cubby”. Their dad and Grandfather are on a boat and they crashed into bluffs. When the boys heard the news from their aunt that they crashed, they don’t know if they are still alive. So the boys are very upset and they don’t know what to do. Their aunt suggests that Digory, Cubby and one of the cousins goes out and tries to find if the dad is still alive.


Our opinion of the book Fearless was very good. We liked the action in the book. We were scared when Digory was pinned up against that tree. We thought it was the end. Was it or not? Also, we liked the strong feelings in the book, like when Cubby found Digory. Digory was lit up with joy. Also when news of Digory's father dying reached the boys, the whole house was devastated. Or at least they thought he was dead. Read this book to find out what happens!

- Nate

We very much liked the book Fearless and would recommend it. It was kind of long, and had some hard words in it, some that we didn't know. Also the topic was a bit more mature, and it seemed it was for kids probably a bit older than me ( I'm 11 years old ). I didn't get some of it. We would recommend reading this book if you are in 6th or 7th grade. That is our recommendation for this book.