S'More Class News

Mrs. Jimison & Mrs. Powell 5th Grade

Fun Stuff!

We have had an exciting week with more coming! This week students created an Instagram based on our core literature novel Sarah Bishop. We spent time with Superbowl devotions, and celebrated the Superbowl Friday with a football math glyph and teamwork project. For teamwork, students were given 15 pieces of spaghetti, 1 yard of ribbon, 1 yard of tape, and a marshmallow. They were instructed to build the highest structure they could, as a team, in 18 minutes. It was fun watching them work together and build. They learned that it was important to listen to everyone on the team, share suggestions, and allow everyone to participate.

This coming week students will be sharing their famous American report as a "wax museum". Students will be graded on the projects Tuesday so don't forget your outfit and timeline. Thursday is GRANDPARENTS/SPECIAL FRIENDS day. Students will share the projects as a "wax museum" on Thursday so outfits will need to be worn again. Grandparents/Special Friends may bring money to make the figure "come to life". The money raised will be given to Samaritan's Purse. We hope everyone has someone to come with them Thursday as this is an important day...even if it is a friend or neighbor! We do not want your child to feel left out. Also, we encourage students to leave for the day Thursday with their visitor. We are not planning school work -- but if your child cannot leave, we will have something planned for them to do.

We have a sign up sheet outside the classroom door for brunch items for our special day on Thursday. So far 4 families have signed up. We need your help -- please check the door. Thank you!

We Love You!

A little more...

Did you return Alliance Redwoods forms and money?

Friday this week is a half day with school out at noon. Daycare is available.

THEN...the following week is Valentine's Day! We will be exchanging Valentine's in our classroom. Every child needs to bring a Valentine for every student in our class. (Don't forget the teachers, Mr. Stone, and Miss Marcie!) A class list will be coming home next week so please look for it. We would also like to share cookies and milk. If you would like to make some Valentine's Cookies for our class, please send Mrs. Jimison an email. We will also need 2 gallons of milk, plates, napkins, small cups. Thank you!

Finally, this past Thursday was Mrs. Powell's birthday. The kids planned a small surprise for her with a card. Please let her know how much you appreciate her hard work this week. :)