You lose your sight and sound, but NOT your identity.

  • If 95% of what we learn comes from our eyes and ears, imagine what it must be like to be deafblind.
  • Deafblindness is a complex disability that combines varying degrees of both hearing and visual impairment, making it unique to each individual.
  • The world of an individual who is deafblind extends only as far as their reach. Through the specialized touch of highly trained Intervenors, the world is brought closer to them.
  • Although a person who is deafblind may not be completely deaf or completely blind, they do not have enough of either sense to navigate their environment independently
  • All individuals who are deafblind experience challenges with communication and mobility, most have additional physical and medical disabilities.
  • Individuals with congenital or early adventitious deafblindness lost their sense of sight and hearing prenatally or shortly after birth, so they have no reference or memory of what it's like to have either sense.

    Wednesday, June 18th, 6-10pm

    5100 Yonge St

    Toronto, ON


    Come join us for:

    Charity BBQ

    Storytelling in Sign Language

    Airbrush tattoos, balloon animals, stilt walking, bouncy castles,

    Musical guest Ivy James!! and a guest DJS.


    All proceeds go to providing services to help those who are Deafblind.

    Sponsored by the Canadian Helen Keller Centre and Rotary Cheshire Homes.


    We have various volunteer opportunities available:

    • Set-up and tear-down
    • Running games and activities
    • Food service
    • Fundraising activities
    • Handing information pamphlets, etc.

    Help us to raise awareness about Deaf-Blindness, raise funds for
    services, and facilitate participation of people who are Deaf-Blind
    in their communities.

    If interested please email us at : info@junefest.ca or call us at: (416) 730-9501