Knightley & Son

Solving Crime is a Family Business

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We can solve anything

Evil Masterminds? A Secret Code? A Supernatural Book Filled With Dark Magic?

Just a typical day in the lives of Knightley and Son

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Darkus Knightley

NAME: Darkus Knightley a.k.a. “Doc”

AGE: 13


LIKES: Reasoning , tweed, Wing Chun

DISLIKES: The Catastrophiser - a mental device that detects clues even when he doesn’t want it to

SPECIAL SKILLS: ‘The Knowledge’ - his father’s detective files which he’s committed to memory

Alan Knightley

AGE: 48


LIKES: Crazy theories about the supernatural, tweed

DISLIKES: The Combination - a powerful and mysterious crime organization

SPECIAL SKILLS: Crime fighting