Frank Lloyd Wright

Born 1867-Death 1959

Family & Background

  • Born June 8 in Richland Center, Wisconsin.
  • Frank had four different wives during his life.
  • Mother was a teacher.
  • His father was a minister and a musician.
  • He worked for a Madison contractor as a drafts man apprentice.


AIA Gold medal. American institute for architects.

Royal Gold medal for architects-(1941).

Contributions to the field

Frank was an American architect and interior designer. Frank designed over 500 structures that have been built. Frank believed in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy he called organic structure.

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Frank's created a school for young and up coming architects. This school will help them and guide them down a path of success.
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Survivalist tiny dorms at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin architecture school

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