My goals

Improving in math

How I can do better.

Some things I could do to get better in math is:

Pay attention in class, ask questions if I am confused, participate actively in class activities, active listening, and STUDY......!

Why this is my goal.

Improving in math was always something I struggled with. Even when my other grades are all a's and b's my math grades would be c's and d's. Even in my last report card my grades were a's and b's and math math grade was failing. I was disappointed in myself for that grade and I knew I had to improve big time.

step 1 to improving math.

Step 1 would be to take good notes during class so when I have a test or quiz I can rely on good notes to study if I am struggling.

Step 2 to improving math

Step 2 to improving in math would be to participate actively in class activities so in test, quizzes, or classwork you can just remember that you have done this before and you know what to do.

Step 3 to improving in math

Step 3 to improving in math would be to just overall just pay attention in class understand what you are doing before you do it is what I like to say.

Step 4 to improving in math

Step 4 to improving in math would be to ask questions when you need to. Don't just sit there and wait for someone else to ask.