What is YOUR Legacy?

You only have so much time. What will you leave behind?

Leave Your Legacy - Assembly Video

Welcome! This video explains the universal aspect of legacy. It is our hope that you will watch this and gain a sense of identity in regards to your own legacy. The ideas that we present to you is only a starting point. Legacies are infinite. Start by using our examples to further your research and hopefully create your own legacy!! We hope you enjoy!

Legacy of Organizations

When joining different organizations you learn many skills to take with you in the future and teach others. Teamwork is one of those skills. An example is shown in the image to the right. In this image it shows multiple people working together to complete a goal. Another skill learned by joining an organization is leadership. I gained this skill by not only being a member of the FFA but by being an officer for three years when I was in high school. Being an officer didn't only help me gain the skill of leadership it also helped me gain multiple other skills. This quote that Julie Goodman said really brought things into perspective “When I was in high school I was part of the cheerleading team and I think that it kind of has the same aspects as any other club or sport high school students get involved with”. She learned multiple skills by being a cheerleader in high school and I was able to compare my experiences with hers. Even after you are done being an organization those skills stay with you for a lifetime and you are able to share those skills with the future generations.

- Kellee

(Photo credit: Kellee Goodman)

The Legacy of Singing

The beauty of legacies in regards to culture singing is that, although it is everlasting, modifications have been made to only enhance its significance. Singing involves a bigger picture of culture. Culture involves beauty, music, dance, and that's only the start. There is so much to be interpreted and gained. The article below, gives a very short glimpse of how legacies extend beyond mortality. Although Michael Jackson has been passed away from years now, his impact on the world is everlasting.

Legacy of Dance

Have you ever taken the moment to truly appreciate the movement of the body? Dance is the ability to create such a captivating form of storytelling. This form has survived the test of time and across many nations through the joyous moments as well as the hard. The legacy of dance is limitless for it can display understanding, freedom of expression, love, pain, friendship, fear and so much more. It does not discriminate, but unites.
HBO Documentary Films: El Espiritu De La Salsa Trailer (HBO)
The documentary of above explores the lives of people in New York City from all works of life and their experiences learning salsa. It unites them all with no judgement. Salsa introduces them to a new world of passionate storytelling with an introduction to Caribbean roots.

In the following article...

In this article it talks about everyone having choice between leaving a positive or negative legacy. It then goes to talk about the characteristics of both using many famous people as examples. This would be a great place to start if you want some ideas about legacies and examples of some that people you have heard of have left.

Legacy of Voice Testimonial

What I didn't know then, but I do now, is that I am a living legacy. Singing has been a part of my life every since I could remember. It has been passed on from generation to generation, way before my time. Having the ability to sing has allowed me to shape my own unique identity, while incorporating the traditions before me. In agreeance Joseph Dawn says, “Music cements identities and is an effective way for South Africans of whatever race, creed, ethnicity, religion or language to bridge the gap from the ills of the past” (Joseph).What I have learned to appreciate is that I now have something to pass on to my children. I love the fact that anyone can leave a legacy and it has the ability to impact so many people. Singing in my legacy.


The Importance of The Ugly Truth, The Life of a Monster

Legacy of Monsters in Culture

“The monster is born only at this metaphoric crossroads as an embodiment of a certain cultural movement- of a time, a feeling, and a place. The monster's body quite literally incorporates fear, desire, anxiety, and fantasy.” “The refusal to participate in the classificatory “order of things” is true of monsters generally: they are disturbing hybrids whose externally incoherent bodies resist attempts to include them in any systematic structuration.”(Levina)

This text references legacy because it forces the individual to acknowledge a certain autonomy and power in nonconformity. These are vital for a legacy because it is first individual and second unique in modern culture. A legacy is an individual journey that can but is not limited to sharing its pursuits with others in what we know as collaboration. Monsters help frame this awareness, they make it plausible to be different, hideous, foreign, on the outside, or the edge of town and still be legendary. This mirrors the journey of a legacy in that it creates a comfort ability in an off beaten path, in an individual path and brings awareness to the "elephant in the room" which in turn makes it a discussable topic. This perspective fosters an ability to separate from external implications and expectations of legacy to allow for the individual interpretation of its message and meaning. In essence is says while I am from my society, I am one of a kind, unconstrained by societal limitations and free to establish my own language, image and display of self. This type of courageous independence is legendary and bound to leave a legacy for is wearer as well.

In the video below 1993 Nobel Prize Winner, Toni Morrison discusses racism, classism, religious separation and early american colonialism in the framework of a monstrous dichotomy established to separate us not only from one another but from the larger context of an American Legacy as well.

Toni Morrison Discusses 'A Mercy'

The interview featuring Toni Morrison over the topic of her last book ‘A Mercy” provides a unique perspective on race, nationalism, human behavior and spiritualism. She accomplished this by narrating the story in a time where race was not used to separate us. This is used in our research guide because it gives the audience a different opinion on what is means to be human and American.
This article demonstrated the possibility that exist within the imagination of the mind.
Civil Rights - James Baldwin - Interview - Mavis on Four
In the video, playwright James Baldwin describes the effects of racism and the differences in race between Europe and the Western World.
This article projects an idea of what the average American person will look like in 2015. This information is an interesting perspective on interracial and inter-global relations. Our world is moving at a faster pace in the world of technology and innovation. Social media allows for us all to see things and get in contact with millions of people globally. It sheds light on the American Promise to be a land of free immigrants to coexist and flourish.
For fun, see what your predicted legacy will be!

But remember, this does NOT define your imprint on the world!

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