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About Me.

Hello Ladies,
Must you know, My name is Sol, short for Solute. Because I am Absolute, means total, I exist alone.

I tend to keep the piece because i'm wise....piecewise(:

My equation...f(x)=|x|
I intercept at (0,0), and I respect the y-axis. I've got a keen minimum and I've got you in my sights!
I have an infinite domain and shawty I gotta know yo' name!
What kind of Range do I like?.....Well (0,- ∞), I aint got no type!
When I get happy I increase to infinity, but I decrease to 0.

I am at Maximum capacity when I have a negative attitude, but lucky for you women, I'm the minimum type.

But before I forget one detail, I am a parent to many functions!

I've got a word for all you ladies!

I'm not trying to be obtuse, but I'm looking for acute girl(;

Someone with a nice asymptote.

I'm so sharp, I need someone well rounded.

Somebody's beauty that defies real AND complex analysis.

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I've got some beauty shot here from my last modeling shoot...Hope you like

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Range: (0,∞)

Domain: (-∞,∞)

Intercept: (0,0)


Increasing: (0,∞)

Decreasing: (-∞, o)

With respect to y-axis


Marvin Gaye - Lets get it on