Why Germany, Why?

By: Madison Reeves

Who? What? When? Where? How?

Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party came in to play during WWII from 1933-1945, the reason the second world war started. He was the reason a genocide broke out across the country, enslaving and killing millions of Jews. Hitler worked his way up to the top in the capital of Germany- Berlin. Winning the elections and the peoples hearts with his looks and telling the people what they wanted. His goals: 1) Primary Goal was the forcible acquisition of Lebensraum (Living Space)for the German people. 2) He desired some kind of final reckoning with the Jews. Over 5 million Jews died and that is not even including the other people he killed just because he could.

US Portray of WWII

During the Germany Nazi Party, Hitler showed nothing but happiest from the citizens of Germany, and the Jews.We believed him, thinking that he was just trying to make Germany better. However now we know it was all a lie. We did not intervene with the Nazis until they invaded Poland (now the Netherlands). When we arrived in Germany during world war ll, It was nothing that we would have imagined. The people that Germany were showing, being happy and joyful for there new country, where staring and freezing to death.
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Germany Portray on WWII

Hitlers rise of power after world war l was something " great" for the Germans, at least that's what he told his people to think. Hitler dictated the media to put anything he wanted. He was pushing his beliefs on his people and making the schools teach the lessons on what people can be trusted and who is the scum of the world. But the Us did not know this. Because of Hitler have control of the media, he told the rest of the world he was making a better place for the Germans. There was no hurt in his eyes but only happiness for his people. He would tell the people the same thing. He would mold his army anyway he wanted because they worshiped the ground he walked on. His brain washing technic was flawless, everyone wanted to be him.
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Bias Media

German media showed the world they were the best there ever was. Everyone should come to German because there leader said so. Since Hitler was the media, nothing bad was ever said about the war in German. Nothing but nice. "Great liars are also great magicians."- Adolf Hitler
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Historical Criticism

"The real issue is the indiscriminate use of the term ‘Nazi’ to describe anything to do with German institutions or behavior in the years of the dictatorship between 1933 and 1945. It is common practice to talk of the ‘Nazi Army’, or the ‘Nazi Air Forces’, or ‘Nazi atrocities’, or ‘the Nazi economy’ as if everything in Germany under Hitler was uniquely and unambiguously National Socialist."- Richard Ovary History Today.

In a way i think he is wrong about the word Nazi. We do not use it as a definition for Germany. We can not punish a whole country for one mans mistakes. It was an event not a lifetime.

Feminist Criticism

"Feminism is the belief that women have the same rights as men and should be treated accordingly. Organized feminism fell silent during the Great Depression of the 1930's. Working women were seen as taking what few jobs there were away from men who were the rightful breadwinners. In the 1940's, patriotism kept women away from feminist meeting halls. However, American’s involvement in World War II marked a sea change in women’s roles. They may not have realized it at the time, but women of the 1940s were planting seeds for the rebirth of feminism."-Dee Shneiderman

Feminism was big during the war. women had to watch there husbands leave and never some back. we had no say on voting for what the next step should be for the war. We did as much as we could, so we became nurses. We didn't inter the war but we did as much as we were allow to do.